Monday, November 16, 2009

Week One vs Weak One

Well, I haven’t even started and already the drama has begun. Seems my husband is in major freak out mode. He is just positive I am going to do something stupid and get myself capped in the ass. Thanks for having faith in me, honey.

In the spirit of fairness, I will admit to having done a few things, ok, more than a few, in the past that made him go, “Hmmmm?” Like the time he came home and I had moved a woman and her baby into our house. We didn’t really know them but her “husband” was beating her up and she had nowhere to go. I was pretty sure my husband wouldn’t beat me up, even for moving a stranger and her baby into our house without asking. Then there was the time I picked up the homeless guy and brought him to our house. In my defense, it was raining, the guy was cold and hungry and I really felt in my heart it was what I was suppose to do. It’s not like I let him move in.

Anyway, we went to bed less than snuggly last night. I believe my last words to him were, “I said I won’t do the stupid list, so drop it already will ya!!!!” Well, I lied. I have to do this stupid list. I can’t really explain it but I just have to. So sue me for divorce. I won’t fight you. Just remember, you get everything … including all seven kids.

Now about the list. I fretted all weekend over this. You would think I was having brain surgery. Maybe, in some weird way, I am. That’s my hope anyway. That by doing this list, something in my brain will change and you know what they say. The brain bones connected to the heart bone … or something like that. I played mind games with myself all weekend about where to start, what I could get out of without you knowing and other devious ploys. Here is what I decided. First, I am posting the list so you will know if I am cheating myself out of one of the opportunities to change. Please feel free to smack me if I even try this. Second, I am going to start at the beginning and go down the line as much as is humanly possible. I may not do every one exactly to the letter of the law however I will do what the Spirit of it intends. Ready? Set? Then let’s go!

1. Fast for the 2 billion people who live on less than a dollar a day.

Here is how this is going to work. I am going to fast every night for a week. This means nothing to eat after lunch. No dinner, no snacks, no nothing but water or tea. No, I am not going to carb load from morning until noon. Ok, the thought had occurred to me but I decided to be honest. I’ll also put $5 into a jar for every meal I fast from. I know this will only be $35 at the end of a week but I plan on doing something crazy with that money. Something that hopefully will make a difference for someone. More on that later. In the evenings, when I would normally be eating or snacking on popcorn with the family, my goal is to be praying and searching for how I can make a difference for those that are hungry.

My mom use to get so mad at me for doing these kinds of things. She was always telling me, “Marla, you can’t change the world.” I found out she is right, I can’t. But I learned I can change the world for one person at a time, if I try.

For when I am weak, then I am strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10


dianna said...

I can understand your hubby's concern, have you ever had to live with a fasting caretaker. Meals might get slim, and the crankiness that is possible. Speaking from my own weakness.

I pray for you all, like it not you family takes the journey with you. I love the possibility and the true nature of God coming on the scene via his obedient and willing vessels.

The list is a guide for discovery to get outside the box, use it for that, not to be trapped in a box. I'm confident our Lord has so many surprises as you do commit to His plans. I love you Marla and all your crazy lovin ways. So go for it!

Anonymous said...

I think that Bob just wants to be tops on your list for now...They really do get short changed when everyone else comes first....Good Luck with your list you have already completed a few of the items...Hugs and Love ya, Cher

Marla said...

Di ~ I have never successfully fasted in my life, so you are probably right. This could get ugly.
Thanks for the encouragement! I just hope I don't end up living IN a box.

Cher ~ I know what you are saying and I will do my best to make sure Mr. Grumpy Old Man comes first. Did I just say that out loud? Oops! Love you, too!

Amy said...

Ok, before I read the rest of this....did you just say "capped in the ass"????

Marla said...

Amy ~ Um ... no? :-)

Lily Robinson said...

This is wonderful. I hope that you will inspire many (including me) to do His work. Good luck with the fasting.

Anonymous said...

Hey remember he is the guy who stayed in the trailer in the winter when you had DAD and SISTA at once. That should get him straight to the top. lol....Hugs

I know what he would want the other two weeks to be about. ha

Love ya

Marla said...

Thanks, Lily! I hope so too.

Cher ~ Remember when I snuck out to the trailer to make out with my husband? It was like high school ... only better! Is that too much info? LOL

Jeremy said...

If Bob can survive you inviting two aol co-workers for Thanksgiving he can make it through anything.

To help with your fasting I have doubled my dinner intake.

I love you strange lady....

Marla said...

Jeremy ~ I invited them to your house this year. Have fun!

Eat up funny man!

I love you more .... and that's strange OLD lady to you, bub.