Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vomitus Enufftus Alreadycus

I was trying to remember how to say, “stop puking already” in Latin then I remembered, I don’t speak Latin. I was just sure with all the years I sat in the pews of Saint Helen’s, I would be able to speak Latin. Now that I think about it though, I am pretty sure Father Kelley never mentioned barfing, even in Latin.

I had a long conversation with my little sister yesterday. She has started her next round of chemo. I think that makes for round 13,471 or something pretty close to that. Seriously, the woman is amazing. I would have been dead ten years ago from just thinking about what they were going to put me through. Not her. She is rough, tough, mean and determined. When they told her people don’t survive long from this rare form of cancer, I could see, “Oh yeah! Just watch me!” all over her. She’ll do it just to tick them off. No, seriously! That’s one of the things I like about her. She’s a rebel.

So anyway, seems she decided to “change up” the way she was told to do her chemo, the way she has done her chemo successfully for the last few years, the way she KNOWS she is suppose to continue doing her chemo. That change sent her into what she described as “Exorcist vomiting”. Lovely mental picture, don’t you think? She was crying and wailing about being miserable, wanting to die, wanting mom, who is dead by the way, and other uplifting comments along those lines. Me being … well, me, I quickly sized up this animal and grabbed it by its gnarled horns.

“Listen up. If you were with mom you would be dead, get it. I can’t do another dead relative so soon, so knock it off. I need at least a year between dead people. One other thing, Einstein. YOU made this happen. Stop pretending you’re a doctor and messing with your chemo. Jut because you watch General Hospital doesn’t mean you can really write your own prescriptions, knucklehead. Take your chemo, in order given, by your doctor! Got it?”

That seemed to calm her down a little. Then, when I told her I had fallen and have a black eye and broken glasses, she really cheered up. When I told her I thought maybe the spirit of Dad … no, I don’t really believe in ghosts … had pushed me down because when I fell, I thought I heard my Dad say, “Blog about this and see how YOU like it!”, she laughed so hard she almost felt healed. Amazing how a knock upside the head seems to work miracles in our family.

Now, about fasting. I have a confession, sort of. We went to the show last night and I did eat popcorn. The great thing is, I felt ok because I did fast from dinner and spent that time seeking wisdom as I have determined to do. I can be such a black and white person that I often hold myself to very rigid rules. Then when I fail, as most people who are rigid with themselves do, I feel miserable and stupid and like a complete failure. Not last night. I felt great! I have gone three full days fasting from dinner and seeking the Lord regarding what He would have me do with my life, which is His. I can’t wait for what’s next!


Jeremy said...

Hang in there Marla.. You can do it!!!!

I am making pancakes for the kids tonight.

Sarah said...

your sister is amazingly strong. maybe a little too strong. :) glad you could set her straight. you're doing great with the fasting!

Sarah said...

by the way, love the title!

MindyBB said...

Brandt could tell you singular/plural declensions in Latin but that's it I'm pretty sure barf had no Latin roots, not positive but pretty sure? I can't imagine the black eye! Just tell Kel your coming to visit that should straighten her out- and you would find what your purpose is not? I am aching literally to go so hurry up with your plans would you!!! Love you Marla and you give me joy to read your blogs no matter the content. ;-)

Marla said...

Jeremy Brown ~ You are a turkey!

Sarah ~ Thanks and yes, she is definately strong!

Mindy ~ We are leaving in the morning for Alabama & Florida to do a grandbaby swoop. Should be home around the 1st of December. Let's plan something when I get back! Love you too, Min!!

Lily Robinson said...

Oh, you should definitely have your own newspaper column! But I'm not sure if your work is fitting for the Xenia Gazette. You've got a fan here!

Monkey Man said...

Marla - Thank you for coming to visit my blog (through Janna) and leading me back to you. Your story had me in tears AND made me smile. Special talent, that. I so identify. I went through chemo beginning in October of 2007. Nasty being sick that way. I will place your sister in my thoughts and send only the most positive messages out to the universe for her to be a survivor like me.

Unknown Mami said...

Oh, I am so glad that you did not beat yourself up about the popcorn. I think you are already growing from this experience.

BTW, I had no idea I could read Latin. Cool.

Sarah said...

got a little surprise for you at:

plainolebob said...

Marla, popcorn is great diet food and it goes great with beer, sorry bout your sister.
That title had me hmmm.... well you know....

Marla said...

Thanks, Lily!! You are very good for my ego ... I mean, if I had one, of course. :-)

Monkey Man ~ Thank you for the kind words and thoughts. Thanks also for writing such a great blog. I look forward to hearing what else you have to say through it.

Mami ~ I have definately learned a lot this week.

I know how you feel. I didn't know I could write Latin.

Sarah ~ Thank you again and again!

Bob ~ Beer and popcorn. Isn't that the breakfast of champions in the south?

Anytime I can get you to go, "hmmmm", I have done my job. Thanks, Bob!!