Thursday, November 12, 2009

...And I Feel Fine

My dad arrived safely in Cayucos today so I guess we won’t be arrested as terrorists or drug dealers after all. He will be buried next to my mother tomorrow afternoon. I said my goodbyes weeks ago, so I won’t be attending. That might seem awful and selfish, because well, it probably is, but it’s what I had to do for my sanity right now.

Burying my dad on Friday the thirteenth was not my idea. No, really, it wasn’t. I know it seems like something I would do, but my sisters get all the credit for this one.

My sisters are not handling this whole dad dying thing any better than I am. My little sister seems to want to pick fights with me and my big sister is falling apart. Now, my little sister picking fights is nothing new but my big sister falling apart is very disturbing. Char is the voice of reason, the face of sanity, the only normal sister out of the three of us. If she is coming undone, Armageddon cannot be far behind.


plainolebob said...

Marla, bless your heart, my dad died on leap year day 2008, I am the one that found him on the floor,
I know the feelings involved, and you just gotta do what you gotta do for you.
My e-mail is posted on my site iff you ever need it.

Sarah said...

thank goodness you still have your humour: 'burying my dad on friday the thirteenth is not my idea. i know it sounds like something i would do...'

hang in there for youself and your sisters. even the strong one needs a shoulder once in a while.

Jeremy said...

I don't believe for one minute that this was not your idea. This is the same lady who invited the poor little doggy from the neighbor's house to come play.

dianna said...

I think Friday the 13th is perfect. Why not? You will always remember your parents every time a Friday the 13th rolls around. It's kinda like a communion, In remembrance of me. I wish I had a date to jog my memory.

This dance with your sisters is an agonizing awkward step. You are blessed to have each other, the good the bad and the ugly. I'm not pretending to know who's who here, but I really think we all are all three from time to time. Love you!

Marla said...

Bob ~ You are too kind. Thank you!

Sarah ~ The day I lose my sense of humor is the day someone will be wiping my butt.

Jeremy ~ Go to your room!

Dianna ~ You left a comment!! WooHoo! I love you, D and had so much fun with you last night. Girl, you crazy! Like my ghetto talk?