Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notes To Self When Fasting

~ Do not go grocery shopping at 5:45 pm at a SuperCenter Wal Mart. Even the dog food aisle is not safe.

~ Do remember dryer lint, even when it is pink, does not taste like cotton candy.

~ Do not bite people’s heads off just because you think you are hungry. That is cannibalism, which is highly frowned upon in Oklahoma.

~ Do remember why you are fasting in the first place which was …

~ Do not hope you will at least drop 30 pounds this week. That is not why you are doing this.

~ Do not waste time arguing with yourself. That only proves your sisters are right and you really are crazy.

~ Do remember to be thankful for all the valuable lessons you are learning from this experience, like learning to trust God with the details of life.


Sarah said...

lol! cannibalism is frowned upon in oaklahoma? i did not know that!!

Jeremy said...

Keep it up Marla.. I have doubled my dinner intake to offset your troubles.

What is wrong with arguing with yourself? Just don't do it out loud.

Anonymous said...

Marla our whole family is crazy. Remember our family put the FUN in DysFUNctional. Like our Aunts said
"Get over it" funny how they never did and wouldn't speak to each other for months sometimes. Oh, the fun we had, not as many rules as our kids have now . Got to run around the ranch and get filthy dirty I loved every minute of it. In fact I am filthy dirty now, Yeah horses. Hugs. Cher

Unknown Mami said...

Stay away from the stores for sure.

Marla said...

Sarah ~ Okies are funny like that. Not like Californians where anything goes. :-)

Jeremy ~ Your thoughtfulness is overwhelming ... like gas fumes.

Cher ~ Three cheers for being filthy dirty. We are talking about the same thing, right?

Mami ~ Now you sound like my husband. :-)

Lily Robinson said...

Cannibalism is also frowned upon in Ohio. You crack me up!

FYI... My granddaughter says dog food doesn't taste that bad.

Marla said...

Lily ~ Tell your granddaughter she made me laugh ... and wonder!

Anonymous said...

Marla.....DO NOT EAT THE DOG is not all it is cracked up to be....remember dogs like horse poop and horse hooves too! Yuck. Love Cher

Marla said...

Cher ~ Thanks! I was leaning in that direction but when you mentioned the horse poop, I had to re-think that strategy.