Monday, November 23, 2009

Number Two and Other Crap

Week one has come and gone leaving fasting behind me, for now anyway. Somedays it was easy and some days I did not do so well. The great thing is, my eyes have been opened to so much through this experience. Let me tell you about a few things I realized, if you don't mind.

The biggest thing I came away with is this. I have a choice. Yep, that one little word says it all to me. I have choices in my life. So many others don't. I chose to fast. Others have that choice made for them due to lack of food and funds. I could decide to eat at anytime unlike so many others. I could also decide what to eat, when to eat and where to eat. So what's the eye-opener in that? I realized how blessed I am. Being blessed isn't the end, it's the beginning. Being blessed means I get to pass it on. Being blessed means I am able to make the choice to share my blessings. The possibilities are endless because the blessings in my life are endless. So now what?

Like I promised, I have $35.00 set aside from fasting. I have been thinking and praying about how to pay it forward in a way that will touch a hungry life. I want to actually see it go into the hands of another in a tangible way. I am seriously thinking about purchasing $35 worth of Thanksgiving groceries, knocking on a door and making the delivery face to face. The question is, "Who's door?" So, you all have two days to offer up whatever suggestions you might have regarding how to "invest" the $35 into someone else's life. I will consider all opportunities presented. Help me figure this out. I'll be forever thankful.

Right now, I am in Alabama visiting my oldest son, Matthew and his family. I leave in the morning for Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my middle son, John and his family. John's wife, Amy, is a wonderful young woman. I love her very much. She has a bit of a crazy side to her much like her mother-in-law does. She also loves God, much like her mother-in-law does. She has offered to be a part of "doing the list". I believe I will take her up on that in the next few days.

One other thing about hunger I noticed this week. It's not just people that suffer from hunger. Traveling from Oklahoma to Alabama, we saw more packs of skinny, stray dogs than I remember ever seeing before in my entire life. I love animals a lot. I love people more. I do not love people who dump animals and allow them to starve to death. This is just plain wrong. I told Bob I think I may become an animal control officer so I can legally shoot some bad people. He just shook his head. He does that a lot when I'm talking. Anyway, next week I'll post what I did with the $35 and whether or not I shot anyone as an animal control officer.

Now, onto week number two:

2. Contact your local crisis pregnancy center and invite a pregnant woman to live with your family.

Oh, yeah!


Monkey Man said...

I know someone within the blogosphere that could use the help. Contact me by email if you want more info. I have email available on my profile page.

plainolebob said...

Marla, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours, travel safe, use the money to buy a homeless person a coat.

Lily Robinson said...

Because of the state of the economy, food banks are also hurting. How about donating the money to a local food bank or a charity that feeds the homeless?

There is a splendid charity, Target Dayton, listed on my sidebar. Also, I have a link there for the bridge project. You could buy hats and gloves for the people that live under the bridge.

Unknown Mami said...

I know someone in the blogosphere that could use help too.

Sarah said...

check with your local homeless shelters. my group adopted 3 families this year and we bought groceries for them. it felt great. happy thanksgiving!

Kate said...

Sarah has beaten me to it I was going to suggest a homeless centre too.

UberGrumpy said...

We spent last November in Sierra Leone. $35 goes a long, long way there, I can tell you.

Well done raising it - what a great thing to do

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours. The title intrigued me first. Then I read some of your posts. I immediately became a follower of yours. Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

Marla...this is your fellow animal loving about buying 35.00 worth of dog food and take it to your local shelter. I know that a few skinny dogs would be very very grateful as most of the time they do not have the choices us humans have. Besides your mama would like this..and your Aunt Meta....bless their animal everloving souls....Cuz Cher

Anonymous said...

OK you have done this one on your list already in your lifetime...haven't you? Cuz Cher

Marla said...

Monkey ~ Thanks! I will keep this on file for future use, for sure!

Bob ~ Thank you! I will be giving a new coat away later on in the list. Great idea!

Lily ~ Love the food bank idea. We will be planting a garden for the food bank come spring. Thanks!

Mami ~ Thanks! I am keeping you and Monkey in mind for a future "blogosphere" donation idea.

Sarah ~ Love the homeless shelter idea. One of my daughters has made some connections down there already and I will be joining here when I return to Oklahoma. Thanks!

Kate ~ Great minds!

Uber ~ One of my favorite books is about Sierra Leone. (Long Way Gone) I think this is the vein I am leaning towards. Thanks!

Ok Granny ~ Thanks for following!

Cher ~ We have done the animal shelter before and will definately do it again for sure. Yes, you are correct. We have done #2 before. Love you!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

so, who got your $35 fast money?