Friday, January 7, 2011

Living Large

Most of my adult life I have been on the healthy side. When I say healthy what I mean is a bit plump. Who am I kidding? I am fat and have been for the last 20 years. Just ask my sisters. They have taken great delight in pointing it out in their celery stick eating, skinny girl ways.

“Mar, should you really be eating that cookie? Have you seen yourself from the backside?”

“Why yes, I think I should. Thanks for noticing.”

Then there are my parent’s last words. No seriously, I was with both of them when they died. I am not kidding when I tell you my mom’s final words were, “Well, you are fat” and my dad’s were, “I’ll be ok. Then we’ll get that weight off you.”

Now do you understand my constant and urgent need for cookies?

Anyway, I have now lost 25 pounds over the last few months. That’s right celery stick eating, skinny girl sisters of mine. Twenty. Five. Pounds.

So today I was talking to my sister Kelly. She is heading back to Houston next month for her 3 month check up at MD Anderson. I am going with her this time. Of course, I had to tell her about my 25 pound loss.

“So, you are going to be so bummed when you see me.”

“Why would I be bummed?”

“Because I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m eating healthy. No more making fun of me. Ha!”

“Oh please. Get as skinny as a rail. Char and I will still have plenty of material.”

It should be an interesting trip.


Glen said...

Thank heavens for parents - who would we be without them? Those are some killer last words!

My Mother in law still tells my wife if there is some eligible bachelor back in town who she approves of, even if i am also in the room - after 12 years of her daughter being married to me, she is still living in hope that she will find someone more suitable!

Deborah said...

Your sisters are hilarious! And they definitely keep you from getting a large head now that your backside is small. Heh.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats that is awesome and not easy to lose 25pounds...thats a kindergardener! lol! Sister are great aren't they I'm that fat sister too I have 4 celery stick them skinny bitches!

TechnoBabe said...

Yikes, your sisters come fully charged with ammo to work you over. And, it is two against one, they can come up with double the amount of things to get to you.

Blasé said...

It is really difficult for me to believe of what you claim your parent's last words to you were. But, unique things in life happen all the time.

I am happy for you in your goal of taking care of your body. It is very important....not as important as keeping up with Entertainment News of Hollywood, but important nevertheless.

Marla said...

Blase ~ It's not a claim. It's what was said. Click the links and read the stories. Maybe that will help you with your unbelief. That is, if you can tear yourself away from your People magazine.

Marla said...

Glen ~ Yeah, they are killer last words. Look where they got my parents.

Mother-in-laws. Gotta love em.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

That is so sad - but in a funny sort of way. My dad used to do the same thing to me. I remember one conversation where he was complaining about my weight and I told him that I really didn't need for him to tell me how fat I was. I had mirrors and I noticed everyday when I got into and out of the shower and when I got dressed. That shut him up for awhile. Of course, I pissed him off in the process and he totally quit speaking to me for about six months. LOL - he got over it though.

FreeFlying said...

Lol!!! Well... at least she's not sneaky? You know what to expect. Congratulations to you! 25 pounds over the holidays shows amazing willpower and strength.

Thanks for all of your fun comments today! You made my morning!

The Good Cook said...

Congratulations on a phenomenal weight loss. As someone who constantly watches her weight (and her hips) I know how hard it is; especially when temptation and great food are all around us!

So far as plenty of material? They love you.

ModernMom said...

I don't know what to comment on first....I guess I will just say Yeah you for being a Healthy postive person. Oh and your parents last words were not so nice. Illness will make people say thimgs they really don't mean.
Hugs my friend.

gayle said...

I just read the two posts that you put in this one! I am smiling! I can so see me saying what your mom and dad said! You have such a loving family! Congrats on the 25. I know how hard it is!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Blocked bowels gave you a nice head start, didn't it? ; )

Congratulations on keeping it off!!!

And siblings WILL tease you for the rest of your life...even if they have to make stuff up.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Did your mom know mine? Nothing like exiting the plane and hearing her screech, "Look how fat my baby is!!! But, I love her!" Good times.

Kristen said...

WOW - that is awesome! Conratulations! Now, tell me step by step how you did it???

Not So Simply Single said...

Oh crap. Family. If it's not one damn thing it's another.

If I wasn't fat, what the heck else can people pick on me about? I like sugar, so there. (sticking out tongue.)

Actually, I cut back on sugar tremendously the last four months, and I feel achy muscles, no mood swing...(I like swings, but not mood swings) and I actually look better in my clothes, cuz I'm not so swollen up and bloated....

Keep the faith darling! You can do it. Healthy food can be good...ask me for recipes anytime. I used to be a chef for a living, and eating healthy is NOT all about celery. BLAHH!

Love ya!

Michelle said...

As an hospice aide, I know what you are claiming is not impossible. Just as we expect the elderly to be full of wisdom (ha!) we expect the dying to be profound. Unfortunately, people are just people, no matter what.
Love your writing! And congrats on losing 25 pounds!

Unknown Mami said...

The euphemism my family likes to use for fat is "full of life" (llena de vida).