Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love Meeces To Pieces

Have you ever thought about the important place mice hold in our hearts? Take for instance, Mickey Mouse. That delightful fellow and his sweet companion Minnie have brought the world nothing but joy and harmony for decades. What would the world be like without these two amazing mice?

Then there are the darling mice of Beatrix Potter fame. I mean really, could they be any cuter? Plus, they sew. I could use a few of those around the farm.

Speaking of sewing mice, who can forget Cinderella’s pals? That little Gus was part of the charm of the entire movie with his fat tummy and ill fitting clothes.

What about Speedy Gonzalez? Te quiero Speedy como un niño gordo ama un pastel. No, seriously.

Who can forget afternoons spent laughing and playing with this guy? Without him, our kids birthday parties would have been cheap, easy and over in an hour. Thank you Chuckie for the amazing memories of hard earned money quickly spent.

And Ratatouille. Now there’s a movie for ya. A kitchen filled with filthy rats cooking food that will then be served to unsuspecting human beings. Human beings that were simply trying to live their lives and enjoy their dinner out.

But can they enjoy their dinner out? NO! Because they know, waiting at home for them is a colony of these. That’s right, all the aforementioned mice apparently have relatives that decided Hollywood and the big city life wasn’t for them any longer. So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Oklahoma. Our house to be specific.

Aren’t they just freaking darling? So cute I could just squeeze em until their little eyes pop out. Oh, yeah I said it. Go ahead and beg for mercy you stinking little rodent.

I thought about getting one of these because our two precious kitties are simply too busy to be bothered with helping us out with this little problem. Yeah, our cats have other more pressing concerns like eating the cat food in their bowl until they are so fat they have to roll themselves over to their fluffy little bed and nap in front of the heater.

I have decided to put my anger and anti-PETA sentiment aside and play nice with our new houseguests. See the sincere, animal loving, PETA supporter smile? I am so sincerely sincere. Would I lie?

Dinner is served fellas. Invite your family and friends. There’s plenty for seconds.



Delirious said...

One time I was having a mouse problem, and a friend of mine told me that she had a pet snake. I told her I would catch a mouse in a live trap for her to feed her snake. I bought the trap and soon had a nice mouse for her. I took it to her house, and she put it in a hamster cage until she was ready to feed her snake. The next morning, she found that he had chewed through the cage and was now loose in her house!! Basically, I gave her mice. :S Maybe you could get a snake? ;)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i hate mice.

love your "food" for them. yum... here little micey, here you go... said...

Oh Marla, they don't look like Chuck E.. Do they? If so, please apply a double dose of that poison.

Rae said...

You are hilarious. I hate those darn critters too. They might be tiny and I outweigh them a bunch, but they have me hoppin' up on chairs whenever I see one. Yes. Bring out the DeCon. Serve it right up to the nasty little fellas.

J.J. in L.A. said...

What? Mice are adorable! I had two as pets (not at the same time) when I was a kid.

Mrs. Tuna said...

We use to live in a 100 year old house and the field mice moved in every winter as soon as it hit freezing. We also had oncoming accomodations in the barn for them. Get a big cat, a fluffy one. I'm not sure why but the fluffy ones were better mousers.

Deborah said...

My cat is a fatty, but the mice don't like hanging around just because he's here. Yes yes!

Meeces give me shivers. They poop and pee and it creeps me out! Blech.

You are a funny girl.

Parsley said...

You totally crack me up. know we have pet mice and we do love them to pieces. BUT...if a wild one gets in my house it's a gonner.

I highly HIGHLY recommend setting traps instead of bait. WHY? Because it's more humane (instant) but also because with the bait they will eat it and then die in your walls and STINK up your house!

You'll spend months wondering where the dead mouse smell is coming from. Snap trap's the better choice.

Eddie Bluelights said...

They are OK when they are in cartoon form LOL
My sister, Maggie May of Nuts and May, had rets in her kitchen roof for years. Fortunately they were able to find out where they entered and have got rid of them all. They noticed a lighting cable was almost chewed through and several were electocuted. Good job they did not start a fire.

Nice blog, Marla, will visit more often - just signed up ~ Eddie

Monkey Man said...

Second mouse post I've read today. Monkey girl (daughter) has pet rats. They are sweet and smart, but in the wild, I would set traps for them.

Sarah said...

Frankly Ratatouille grossed me out. Food cooked by mouse? Ewww! I tried DeCon but it didn't work. Poisonous playdough (for rats) did.

Libbie said...

You are my kinda girl!!! Eat up boys!!!

Glen said...

stuff em - mice aren't pets, invite them round for a special bolognese & happy dining

Oklahoma Granny said...

Luckily our dogs are good mousers! Except we don't want them eating the little varmints and getting a mouse away from one of them can be pretty disgusting.

PS. You missed a couple of my favorite cartoon mice - Jerry and Mighty Mouse. But then, you're probably not old enough to remember them.

gayle said...

Many years ago my girls (who were sharing a room at the time) woke us up in the middle of the night because they saw a mouse. When my husband when in with a broom to do you know what to it they begged him to not hurt the poor little mouse.

Good luck with yours!

Not So Simply Single said...

* * * * * **** ** * * * * * * *
I will loan you my three cat hunters..they LOVE to catch mice...

I used to take the mice from their mouths and let them go. Stupid me. Now I just let them kill the little suckers so they won't run around in my house.

About a year ago, Cha Cha, my white calico, was screaming while I was curling my hair. I dashed into the living room to see what all the ruckus was about, and lo and behold she had a huge rat in her mouth! (Mind you, she weights all of 7 pounds) This rat was as big as Cha Cha! My proud huntress had to drag it in to show Mama her prize...

I quickly ran around the house closing the doors so if the damn thing was alive, it wouldn't get into my bedroom! (could you imagine? ewww!) Lucky for me she had killed the ugly little bastard!... And boy did it stink to high heaven! UGH!!!!!

Thank God for my kitties!


Auntie Cake said...

Mice are cute, but they totally belong outside, not in our homes. You poor girl. They are a total pain... One day last winter, my daughter and I were in the chicken coop and a mouse dropped from the ceiling and onto her arm. Because it fell on her and not me, it was hysterical. Had it happened the other way around, it would not be quite so funny. Good luck, go get a barn cat, they know how to work for their food... I am quite sure your cats are spoiled, even if you won't admit it!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Nasty little critters, always looking for a way in to leave thier little droppings hither and thither. I have also set up similar feeding stations for them. If they dare to stay in our house, my dachshounds will let me know .....

Okie Book Woman said...

I can identify. We live in a house that's nearly 100 years old, and we've had to battle with those cute little things. I also recommend traps over poison. We don't seem to have much of a rodent problem now that we have four cats. Strangely, only one of our cats is a good mouser, though. He proudly brings them to us on a regular basis, but his siblings are like your cats--too busy hanging around the food bowl and taking naps to bother with the wildlife.

SkippyMom said...

I just wrote a post about mice in the house. My friend read it and said I should come over and visit you.

Glad I did. I feel your pain.

Two words. Sticky traps.

ElizaVan said...

Once, while complaining about the fact that I had mice, a client told me a story about when she used to have rats in her house.
Big Fat Wharf Rats that had infested a neighbors abandoned property. Like 30 of them, and she couldn't do anything about it.
Something about it not being legal to burn down your neighbors property.
Even if that neighbor had abandoned their property and left it full of food to create a rat breading ground.
I felt sorry for her, yet quite relieved I just had a little mouse or two running around.
This is my attempt to pass those feelings on to you. Good Luck.

Air Purifiers said...

So true that there are a lot of iconic mouse figures in our media... I used to have a couple of rats, they were actually pretty fun. They're smart and soft and kind of cute. That pic of the little mouse in the hands is too adorable though, how can you not love that?? I'm not a big fan of rabid, wild mice though. No bueno.