Monday, January 24, 2011

The List Goes On

Well, here we are heading into week four of The List. Mind if I do a little recapping? Too bad because I am going to, like it or not.

1. Fast for the 2 billion people who live on less than a dollar a day.

Our three week Daniel fast ended yesterday. I am completely amazed that Bob and I both made it through 21 days of fruits and vegetables only. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of that guy I am married to. I have watched Mr. Meat and Potatoes, Mr. I Hate Veggies, Mr. Don't Ever Try To Make Me Try Something New Or I'll Throw A Hissie, transform into a deeper, more focused, more open individual than I could have ever imagined. Believe me, Bob has always been a wonderful person, my best friend, the kindest soul, an amazing kisser. I think even the kissing has improved. I'm just saying. But really, what we gained over the last three weeks was worth every bite we gave up. I am truly thankful for the experience.

2. Contact your local crisis pregnancy center and invite a pregnant woman to live with your family.

We have received our home study package and will be spending the next few months getting everything done on their list. When we first made the offer to Deaconess regarding inviting a pregnant woman to live with us, the thought of a pregnant teen never crossed our minds. When they asked if we would be willing to foster a pregnant teen we were reminded of our goal to be open this year to wherever God wants to take us so, time will tell where this road leads.

3. Ask your pastor if someone on your church’s sick list would like a visit.

Like I said a few posts back, the opportunities to do hospital visits have been there and quite positive. I have another friend in a physical pickle that I will be stopping in to see this week also. I may just take some balloons with me. Have you done it yet? Have you taken balloons or cards or flowers to strangers in the hospital or nursing home? I'd love to hear your stories.

That brings us to week four:

4. Join an open AA meeting and befriend someone there.

I went to an orientation at the City Rescue Mission last Monday night with my daughter Bel. We signed up to be mentors to women in the Bridge program there, which is their AA meeting. We were told we should hear something this week so here's to the crazy Hansen women waiting for the next adventure.

Bel and I had dinner this evening and I can honestly say I am really excited at the thought of taking this challenge on with Bel by my side. She is such an amazing girl. At 25 years old, she has made the decision to focus on things bigger than herself and has moved into a renovated warehouse across the street from the Rescue Mission. Where she lives is called The Refuge. This once abandoned warehouse was a well-known hang-out for drug dealers and prostitutes. It now houses men, women and families with children who all have a desire to change the world one broken soul at a time. These people all have jobs and lives and they live them well. I love stopping in and visiting, getting to know such amazing young world-changers. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of my little girl. She amazes me.


As I drove home after dinner, I couldn't help but smile thinking of the conversation at her kitchen table tonight. It was Bel, her roomie, another neighbor and myself. I listened to Bel speak about her outreach to the homeless women that hang out in the parking lot wanting to talk to her when she gets home from work. She truly loves them and you can see in her face that she will be one of those people that will mend a heart along the way because of that love.

Her neighbor told of her upcoming move to Uganda with a group of young people. They are going there to bring hope and help to the hopeless and helpless. When I asked about the danger, she admitted they all had faced the reality of their decision and still felt called to go. It was hard to look at her and not want to hold her and cry motherly tears.

Bel's roommate is focused on bringing girls out of the sex trafficking industry that has become rampant in the USA. She is determined to see the organization she is a part of, open more safe houses for these young girls. She is absolutely fearless in the face of this atrociousness.

 Looking at these three young woman tonight, I prayed for three things: for their safety, for their success and for their fierce determination to spend their lives well to spread like wildfire to others, including myself.

That's all for tonight. I started a new job today and will be in training 10 hours a day all week. I'm tired and thankful and satisfied with all that I have been given in this life. I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Goodnight ~


J.J. in L.A. said...

Wow! I got tired just reading this. Good luck to everyone!

And congrats on the new job!

Brian Miller said...

you are rocking the list...great job on all but glad your fast went well and i think it laid a great foundation for the rest...

Glen said...

you and your family....

I'm speechless

Trooper Thorn said...

All I can say is "Wow".

Deborah said...

I am not worthy!

How can the rest of us mere mortals compete?

I will though; a cloudy imitation, but I'm trying.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

wow! i have friends who are deeply involved in Home of Hope Texas, which is focused on rescuing women/children - including young boys - from the sex trade. It's located in Houston.

you are awesome and a true inspiration.

(your cards will be in the mail tomorrow)

Sarah said...

Why is Bel such an amazing young person? I suspect being brought up by you have something to do with it.

Glen said...

Marla - I am sorry - I know it is all abit obvious and repetitive but.... I have an award for you ...

MindyBB said...

So I haven't chatted w/ you in a while...Let me just say I love how God works out in our lives what He works out in our lives! The younest kid of mine has an amazing co-op teacher and she has one child doing Boiler room missions, the oldest has a girls class she does 2 times p/mo and she has two Boiler room missionary kids, one that lives in Uganda and rescues babies and her two youngest she adopted through a Crisis Pregnancy ministry. I love these people- please give Bel a snug hug from me she is a light flickering hope, and I can't believe she is 25!!! I will be around this wknd if you want to give me a shout!

Not So Simply Single said...

Hey Marla, CONGRATULATIONS for being on the Daniel fast....way to go girl.

I have been in AA for 14 years, just celebrated my 14th anniversary last week. I am open to helping you with any information you might have concerning recovery! You can only attend an open meeting, if you are not an alcoholic.

I know that so many people are in a dire financial and I complain since my income when down 25K the last few years. I should be so lucky to own a home and live on Maui. Thank you for the reminder.

I still am going to call you Saint Marla. You are indeed one of life's earth angels!


gayle said...

You are one amazing lady! You have done so much in just a few months or is it weeks!!

Kristen said...

I wonder if your hubby could have a talk with my hubby. I'm not sure he would go for the fasting or the pregnant woman in our house, but he might be open to the AA one. You are truly amazing - I love "reading" you!

Bel said...

I learn from the,watching you as I grow up showed me how to stand up for truth fight, for justice and continually lay my life down in love!

Bel said...

p.s...i love the pic..can you send it to facebook!