Monday, April 12, 2010

The Three Stooges Minus One

My sisters are in Houston. Every three months, Kelly flies to MDAnderson for her regularly scheduled poking, prodding and face-to-face with her doctors. This includes visiting with Dr. McDreamy. Ok, that's not his real name but it's what my two idiot sisters call the brain surgeon who got up close and personal with Kelly's gray matter. Now, I am not saying the guy isn’t pleasant to look at…and charming….and funny…..and, well you get the picture. What I am saying is this: My sisters are old enough to be his older sisters, or aunts or one-time babysitters. They are old. I’m talking wrinkles and gray hair under all that dye. Please, you two. STOP ALREADY!

The truth is, I may be bringing up their ridiculous, giggling teenage girl behavior because I am a bit jealous. Not of them seeing McDreamy but that they are there together and I am not there with them. I guarantee they are acting stupid, laughing at everything and everybody. Insults are flying between them like plates at a Greek wedding, then they are laughing like mentally defective hyenas all night when they should be sleeping. And they are talking. They are talking about me because I am not there just like I am talking about them right now because they are not here. Yeah, I am jealous because they are together and I wish I was there.

I always went with them. I never missed. Ever. Until this last year. Things changed and life happened and my two evil sisters started going to Houston without me. Ok, it was my choice to stop going and Kelly punctuated that decision with her agreement that she didn’t need me there. Oh really? Well, fine. I don’t care. I didn’t want to go anyway. It’s too embarrassing to be seen with two old, wrinkly, dyed hair bats that giggle over Dr. Doogie Howser. That’s right! I called McDreamy, Doogie!

Besides, I still remember the last time the three of us were at MDA together. The two “intelligent” ones conversations were too deep for a moron like me.

Queen Kelly: “I mean it! You need to listen to me.”

Old Gal: “No I don’t. I’m the big sister.”

Queen Kelly: “Yes, you do too! A, I’m the boss and two, you’re not.”

Of course, being a moron, I always found these deeply philosophical debates hysterical which irritated the fire out of Old Gal, who would then make comments such as, “ ....and YOU better not blog this!” I believe this was followed by something about me being a “blogging wench” or some such thing.

Yeah, I am jealous. Old bats!


Ms. Anthropy said...

Next time you decide to make that trip, you'll have to hook up with me for coffee.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you have a rather fun family. smiles.

so why dont you go anymore?

Two Shades of Pink said...

Oooh...Brain stole MY question. Yeah, so how come? It sounds like they are a blast even if they covet robbing the cradle with doogie. Have I asked too much?

Two Shades of Pink said...

Brian. Not Brain. Sheesh, I always do that. Sorry Brian Miller. Perhaps I was subconsciously calling you smart.

TechnoBabe said...

You all three look lovely and like you are so darn much fun when you get together. I am jealous you have two sisters!!

Sonya said...

Aaww I hope you are able to go at some point..Im always missing out on everything now that I live overseas..ticks me off how everything still goes on without me being life is a pain like that sometimes.

Sarah said...

you are there with them spiritually--this blog is a proof. that's what really counts.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm sure they're missing you being there with them.

Monkey Man said...

Dr. Doogie.....they all look like Doogie these days.

Marla said...

Ms. Anthropy ~ Where are you? I would love to have coffee.

Brian ~ Because I'm a moron. Do you not read this blog? :-)

Two Shades ~ Don't you think flirting with Brian by calling him brainy is a bit obvious? Geesh, Jess!!

Techno ~ Don't be jealous. I'll send you one.

Sonya ~ I know!

Sarah ~ That's true.

Ok Granny ~ You can bet they do. The two of them put together are nowhere near as funny as I am. :-)

MM ~ Seriously!

Blasé said...

Three pretty women!

I like the one in the middle the best...

Nicole said...

You silly should go. I say you just show up and resume your third stooge role. I know they miss having you there. Although, they just might enjoy talking about you more. Hee hee! :) And if you did could snap a quick photo of Dr. McHotHots and email it to me.

Having just struck the big 4-0 last week, I say age is just a number. After vacationing last week in Florida, I'm sure my teenage daughter can attest to the fact that I act as much as a baffoon as your sisters. There was this one cabana boy....yum! Mind you he was closer to Meaghan's age than mine, but I didn't miss an opportunity to gawk and make sideways comments to Meaghan about him.

And Blogging Wench? Love it. Just love it.

Marla said...

Blase ~ Three pretty WEIRD women.

Nicole ~ Maybe next time. If she begs. :-) And you absolutely know it's more fun talking about the missing person than actually being with them. Of course, then when you talk to the missing one, you have to fill them in on all the bashing that was done. The job isn't complete without that step. As for a photo.....are you kidding me? Do I look like a bad influence to you? Shut up, Nicole!

I heard you were turning forty. of you turned forty anyway. I believe some of your items are newer models. Either way, happy birthday to all your bits and pieces no matter what age they are.

Love, The Blogging Wench

Libbie said...

I LOVE you big family & all those sisters! Now I am jealous...I only have 2! Next are going! They told ME that it is not half as fun without YOU! Hope you can keep those two in line :)

Lily Robinson said...

I guess I'm the moron... You could (A) go and be laughing with them, or (2) stay home and be jealous. LOL