Friday, January 1, 2010

Tastes Like Chicken

I read somewhere that the first bird you see in the New Year will tell you what kind of year you are going to have. I may be in trouble if there is even a hint of truth to this crazy notion. The first bird I saw this morning was a Canadian Goose. Actually, I saw about three hundred as they flew in this morning for breakfast. We were so happy when the twenty or so came back to be fed day after day that it never occurred to us they might have relatives looking for a handout. So what does seeing three hundred Canadian geese on New Years morning say about my 2010? Oh the possibilities, the absolutely frightening possibilities.

Shortly after the gaggle of geese landed, our phone rang. It was a neighbor just a quarter of a mile down the road from us. He wanted to know if I would mind scaring the geese off our pond so he and his relatives could get a clean shot at them. Seriously? No, seriously? You want me to scare the three hundred geese, the geese I have spent forever luring to my pond with promises of oodles of cracked corn, into the clear blue Oklahoma skies so you can pick em off with a shotgun? Um … let me think about that one. NO!!

In all fairness, this neighbor is a very nice fellow and someone that I would trust in an emergency. Like, if some deranged madman broke into my Villa de Okie, I would want him to come over with his shotgun and practice his aim. Or, let’s say, a giant polar bear found his way into our pond and was preparing to attack me as I was out on the paddleboat. Shoot, man, shoot! I cannot, however, be a part of luring innocent birds to my property only to then scare them into shotgun blast oblivion. Call me crazy, call me a tree-hugging Californian, call me a card-carrying PETA member, I just can’t do that. I mean, seriously, what’s next … target practice on my cats?


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Love the cat picture at the end! Too funny!
And where I come from . . . I know a lot of guys who would want to shoot the birds.
A lot. :)
PS-thanks for all your kind comments

gayle said...

I wouldn't do it the cat!!

SquirrelQueen said...

This is too strange, the first birds I saw today were Canada geese. Not that many but a small group flying over.
I would have said no too! No way. The cat photo is priceless, too funny.

Just Be Real said...

Marla, that picture is too funny! I live with birds, so I do not know what a parakeet and cockatiel represent. Except unconditional love for me! Blessings and hugs.

Blasé said...

I was going to say something...but then I lost my thought when I saw the sandpaper-tongue picture...

Rae said...

I couldn't do it either. Even with the mess the geese leave behind, I would not want to see one killed. I think the first bird I saw this year was a crow -now I am worried - wonder what that means for my prospects this year.

dianna said...

Hum... I haven't seen a bird yet, that I recall, if this is true maybe I will go birdwatching today. Hey Marla what bird should I aim at? Opps, I mean look for? That cat is something, and btw, the cat is on the hunters team!

SANDY said...

Great picture! lol

So, back to the meaning of the 300 birds, yikes. It means you're gonna have poo every where, lots of mornings being awakened before dawn with all the noise they make and then maybe a bit more for the fighting rights. Within the group there's the fighting for who's in control, plus the other birds who want some space on the pond or surrounding trees.

I'm surprised to hear you needed to do anything to attract them. The water being there alone would normally be enough. Heck here they group up after a rain when it settles in a parking lot. They really don't need any coaxing.

Are you in an area with restrictions? I'm wondering if neighbors start complaining about the mess and the noise if it might be open season...not necessarily with guns but people making noises to scare them off and try to keep them from coming back. That many could represent a health risk. There's some disease people get from bird poo, but I can't think of the name of it right now. Maybe someone else knows.

Happy New Year, too cold here; haven't seen a bird yet.


Anonymous said...

wow the nerve....!!..Um I havent seen a bird yet...what does that I still have time or does it have to be the 1st of Jan...we saw turkeys walking behind a gas station the other day..does that count..?..oh shit what would a turkey mean..LOL..

Marla said...

TLW ~ Hunters. Gotta love em ... from a distance! You deserve every kind comment, by the way.

Gayle ~ Great minds.

Judy ~ Wow! Now we have to see if we get the same 2010 outcome. :-)

JBR ~ I live with a cockatiel and two parrots which usually means a big, noisy mess!

Blasé ~ Boy, we need to find you a hobby.

Rae ~ Ok, you made me laugh!

Dianna ~ I would look for a dove or a swan or some such regal critter.

Sandy ~ They are messy, indeed. We live on 15 acres with a 2+ acre pond, so they have plenty of room to make a mess and not bother anyone here. BTW ... I dragged out my boxes of yarn and am working on some scarves. I LOVE what you do. Truly inspiring!!

Your No 1 Fan said...

Love the cat in the headlights. I thought for sure the first bird you would see this year would be the fabled prairie chick. They are a beautiful bird, cunning and very good at catching the worm. I'm not sure I have actually seen a bird yet. Guess I better take a quick drive out to Piedmont with my binoculars and see if I can see me one of those fabled prairie chicks. I know there is at least one running around out there. Love ya bunches! Your #1 fan waiting in the wings! (get it? :)

MindyBB said...

Okay, okay... I won't bring my gun over, I love the birds in ur house cause they talk and not just poo. I told Bob Jr. here that they ring like a phone and answer for you he laughed. Bad experience with those Canadian geese though they chase you and honk LOUDLY. When they flew over our house it sounded like a hail storm they'd graze in the wheat field and then lift off over our roof. I'm sure your neighbor only wanted a goose for New Years Day dinner?

Oklahoma Granny said...

I have nothing against hunters. My brother hunted for years and I have a nephew who hunts. There is a time and a place for everything. But anyone who knows me would know it would be useless to call and suggest I help them out.

Mama Zen said...

That picture is hilarious!

Marla said...

Mom w/a View ~ A turkey behind a gas station?? This is just way too deep for my pea brain. lol

Fan ~ Prairie Chicks are bad news. Nothing but trouble. Avoid them at all costs. Just ask Bob. :-)

Mindy ~ Oh, he wanted a goose for dinner alright. Them's good eatin! lol

Ok Granny ~ My dad was a big hunter also. He made the BEST jerky ever. I don't think it was goose jerky though. :-)

Mama ~ Aint it though!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Plus, the geese might not come back to your pond, right? If visiting you means getting shot and all.

Marla said...

Exactly, Nanny. I mean, seriously, would you come back if I chased you around while the neighbors took pot shots at ya. Geesh! :-)

Lily Robinson said...

Tell him I'll scare my geese up for him! Sorry, but they've over populated and are ruining the parks around here.

honeypiehorse said...

I thought it was illegal to shot Canadian geese. That is a disturbed looking cat.

Marla said...

Lily ~ I still think you are wonderful even if you are a goose non-lover. lol

Honey ~ Okies make their own rules. That's why we're Sooners!