Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sundays In My City

I Love Oklahoma

Here is our state flag

This is our state capital. It's a great place to visit with incredible artwork inside and on the grounds.

Here is our state flower. Yep, it's mistletoe. MWAH

Here is our state rock. Yep, we have a state rock. No, really, we do. It's a Rose Rock. See, it looks like a Rose. Well, sort of.

This is our state bird. He's a scissortail flycatcher. We need a flycatcher here on the farm in the summertime.

Our state flower is Indian Blanket. Isn't it lovely?

Our state instrument is a fiddle. Shocking, I know!

This is our state dog.

No it's not. That's Ruby Jo. Silly dog.

Unknown Mami


Julie said...

You are joshing me! All those things (excepting the dog) are nominated state icons! How wonderful. Your state bird looks a like like our Laughing Kookooburra.

Nice to meet you and your blog. Take care and be happy.

Rae said...

Interesting info. Ruby Jo is adorable and should be state dog.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Seriously? A state rock?!?!?! That's a hoot.

I would vote for your sweet dog to be the state dog!

Thanks for sharing your city.


Unknown Mami said...

Get out of here! Is that really a rock?

Sarah said...

i like that state rock. it's so unique!

The Texas Woman said...

Thank you so much for your prayers for little Emery!

Nancy C said...

That rock is gorgeous. In my native state, AZ, we had official state neck-wear, the bolo tie.

In Maryland, we have two official state sports...lacrosse and jousting.

I love these funny little tidbits.

Parsley said...

I love Ruby Jo! I want to kiss her sweet face!

I've always thought our flower was awful. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant. Not exactly proud of that.

I do love our state too.

Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just got around to finding it.

I'll check back and read here from time to time. Looks like you do a fair amount of volunteer good work too! :) Visiting the VA, delivering cookies to the Rescue Mission. Wonderful!

In California, our state flower is a Golden Poppy. It should be a Valencia Orange or Meyer Lemon as there are literally hundreds of thousands of pounds just rotting to the ground. NO KIDDING whatsoever. I've done a modest estimate of what I witness. Almost one year into my project, a few awards and dozens of media recognition - but still not many helpers.

How to get the fruit from the fruit tree to the food bank? The never ending question.

1st step - Any Person, Any Town, USA can leave a flyer on the door of a fruit tree owner simply asking for the fruit tree owner to donate fruit to a hunger relief organization such as a food bank/church/pantry. FRUIT is needed!

Ok...long ramble. Please forgive me. I'm the Lemon Lady and I have a way of speaking the cause. Good night. Be well. Do Good. Happy Harvesting!

Lily Robinson said...

Different than the usual post! Interesting stuff here. And a cute dog too!

Makes our state stuff boring...

Sonya said...

I love Ruby Jo:) Where in Holland are you going to visit???

I love your state flower and rock! wow. The capitol building is so neat looking. I really miss the american buildings..funny what you miss when you are away. Have a wonderful week:)

Just Be Real said...

Ahhh, such a delightful post. Hee hee. Blessings.

honeypiehorse said...

You have a state instrument? Is that common?

Oklahoma Granny said...

Love that Ruby Jo!

To add to your list (I learned this stuff helping one of my kids on a school project some years ago and it just stuck in my head): the State Animal is the Bison, the State Fish is a Sand Bass and the State Butterfly is the Black Swallowtail.

gayle said...

Great info!!

MindyBB said...

Totally not about this post BUT thaat Lemon Lady post has something to think about Marla! In your garden next year just throw a few extras in the ground and donate the fresh garden produce to the homeless? Don't ask about giving "your fresh produce" to the food banks or other "organizations" that receive state or federal funding though or they will require FDA approval and such... I want to have a garden will you help me, lol, maybe the lot across the street I can use?

lisleman said...

first time here - came over from the Sundays City thing.
Have a sister in OKLA city and have been there numerous times over the years.
Although it's very terrible tragedy the memorial to the bombing is very well done and certainly worth visiting.

Diane said...

I saw your comment on JustSomeThoughts' most recent post. It made me sad. If you get a chance or have the inclination, I thought you might want to read this post of mine...

I feel your pain. Still.

Libbie said...

Too funny about your pup...she she should be the state dog...just look at her.

I love your flower!

And I know this sounds SUPER dumb but ...did the rock form like that or did someone carve it? I know, I am an idiot!

J Bar said...

That's a lot of state icons.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Mama Zen said...

Don't forget our state meal: fried okra, squash, cornbread, barbecue pork, biscuits, sausage and gravy, grits, corn, strawberries, chicken fried steak, pecan pie, and black-eyed peas!

Why would anybody live anywhere else?

Marla said...

Julie ~ No joshing here. Well, not much anyway. Thanks for coming by!

Rae ~ She thinks so too!

Joanna ~ Oklahoma is a hoot all the way around. :-)

Mami ~ It really is.

Sarah ~ It is really pretty neat.

Texas Woman ~ Always!!

Nancy ~ They are fun, aren't they?

Parsley ~ Is this a great state or what? :-)

Anna ~ You have inspired me to ask my neighbors for all the wasted fruit I see in their yards year after year. Not this spring! I am asking!!

Lily ~ Gotta keep you guessing! lol

Sonya ~ We have friends in Amsterdam and Arnhem. I am really excited about making that trip.

JBR ~ Thanks!

honeypiehorse ~ Who knows?

Ok Granny ~ She is something. Thanks for the fun facts.

gayle ~ silly but .... no, just silly!

Mindy ~ I'm with you on that one. So do you really want a garden because we are doing a big one this year. Let me know!

lisleman ~ Thanks for dropping by!

Diane ~ Going to read your post and thank you.

Libbie ~ You are not dumb because I asked the same thing when I moved here. It's the real deal. They form like that out in the wilds of Oklahoma. lol

J Bar ~ Ain't it though? :-)

Mama Zen ~ Good question?