Thursday, January 7, 2010

Going Commando

No call back from the VA. Baskets and baskets of cookies on my kitchen counter. This means war! I am heading to the VA tomorrow with cookies in tow, no matter what. I plan on storming the joint with a smile on my ever growing bitter face. I, my friends, have seen Rambo. They can ignore me but they can't stop me from invading. And when all is said and done tomorrow afternoon, I will be able to say, in the words of Rambo himself, "Mission... accomplished. You know there's more men out there and you know where they are. Find'em. Or I'll find you."

I was talking to my oldest son about this whole VA fiasco today. He had some very good advice for me. Matthew is a helicopter pilot in the Army and an amazing young fellow, even if I do say so myself. Our second son, John, is a helicopter pilot in the Navy, and also quite the dude. The interesting thing about GI Joe and Popeye is this; they were not allowed to have toy guns or play war as children. I had this crazy idea that if I raised them to be pacifists, they would be better human beings. Jokes on me because these two military men are as decent and good and kind as they come.

Well, they are as decent and good and kind as they come, unless they are playing practical jokes on one another. Like finding a picture on my laptop, doctoring it and then sending it out to the entire family. Boys are weird and they never change. Men are just hairy boys and they are still weird. See for yourself.

Oh well. I guess I will just have to remember them when they were sweet and little and I could control them better. I was the one to say what they ate, who they played with and even what they wore.

Yes, boys, mess with mommy’s laptop again and there are plenty more pictures I am willing to share with the world. Remember bath time?


honeypiehorse said...

oh, now that is just the sweetest thing!

Two Shades of Pink said...

Oh, this was so funny! When I read your blog I see such a heritage you have created in the lives of people IN and BEYOND your family. I think if I came over I would feel like family too! You have a gift for being funny and heart warming all at the same time. And thanks for snagging my button. Your comment this morning meant so much.

Sonya said...

Good luck tomorrow. I hope you are able to deliver those cookies!!

I agree with Two Shades of have a gift for being funny and heart warming all at the same time.:)

Diane said...

I think I love your boys!

I loved the list, too! Thank you for the link. I saw a few things on there I might steal for my 45/45 Challenge... or just for my life in general :)

justsomethoughts... said...

thank them for me
i'll never stop saying it

and, you SHOULD storm the place. it's cookies, you idiots!

men are just hairy boys, huh.
i shall have to use that one day

Parsley said...

Girl..youz funnE!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Ah, the bunny suits. So cute! Made me think yet again of that fabulously funny movie, A Christmas Story.

I must say I don't understand the VA hospital. I think it's important to recognize the sacrifices these men and women have made for their country. Don't the powers that be think that? You're only wanting to spread a few cookies and a little cheer after all.

Nicole said...

Hysterical. Can't wait to hear how the cookie sitch turns out. I picture you running down the halls, being chased my security, tossing cookies into each room with fierce determination!

Just Playin' said...

I've got 2 grown hairy boys too! What a gift. Those blackmail pictures are so very valuable!

gayle said...

Oh that is so cute!! Both pictures!!! You know I was thinking at school we can not accept food for the kids unless it is store you think that may be it?

ModernMom said...

So sweet...oh and hanging on to those nbath time phots. Essential for every Mom. Never know what you might need them for!

Lily Robinson said...

Awesome men! Tell them I thank them for their service.

I can't believe the VA is like that! Most of those men and women would really enjoy those cookies and your visit. Why wouldn't they want that? I wonder how many good-deed-doers have been discouraged from visiting them...

You go girl!

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I don't know how to do anything creative like that with pictures. I must learn.

Marla said...

honeypiehorse ~ Not exactly the reaction I got from the boys! bahahahahahaha!!!!

Two Shades ~ Ok, you touched my heart with your comment. You really did. You are right, little sister. You would fit right in this family. Poor you!

Sonya ~ Thank you. How kind of you!

Diane ~ Me too and steal away. That's what it's there for.

justsomethoughts ~
I will and please don't.
Please do.
Am I starting to write like you??

Parsley ~ I even crack me up.

Ok Granny ~ One of my favorite movies. Love the part when the hounds eat the turkey. hahahaha

I really don't understand why this whole VA thing was so difficult. There must be a reason, right?

Nicole ~ I so love the way you think. We simply must get together and be bad.

JP ~ Aren't they though!

gayle ~ I thought it might be the cookies but it wasn't.

ModernMom ~ I have an arsenol of pictures!

Lily ~ Thanks, I will. I am with you. Makes little sense to me either.

TLW ~ I am sure my boys would be willing to teach you their evil ways. :-)

Mama Zen said...

I think that the doctored photo is cute!

And, what handsome young men!

Marla said...

Mama Zen ~ They think so too. :-)

MindyBB said...

LOL, I can so see the oldest son doing that! and if it had been Bob you know he would have had the halo and you well...I know b/c I married his twin! Maybe I should start a blog so people can call me sweet?'s possible!

Marla said...

Mindy ~ People only call me sweet because they have never met me. I'm more like sour gummy worms, baby!!