Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sundays In My City

This was written 1/29/2010 while sitting at the kitchen table fuming over having no internet for days and days. Finally, internet connection has been restored so here you have it .....Sundays In My City.

We are having another pretty good ice and snow storm right now. We haven’t lost power this time but we have lost internet service. I have so much to do today with both my jobs being online plus my blog. My frustration at losing the internet can get quite high at times like these.

Because of the storm, our granddaughters, Ahni age six and Corina age 2, have spent the last two days here with us, Nona and Papa, since the schools and daycare are closed. I love having them here but I realized something today. I am missing out on my time with them because I am always so busy.

This thought made me reflect on my life in general. I have always been a very busy person. My friends and family have commented on this fact for years. A therapist once asked me why I stayed so busy all the time. When I said I had no idea, it just seemed that was how my life went, he asked me this question. “What are you so afraid to stop and think about that you have to stay so busy?” I hated that question then and now because I know there is some truth in it. Maybe a lot of truth. I would have to stop long enough to think about it really and I just don’t have the time.

Anyway, listening to the girls play as I was trying to call our ISP for the fourth time made me think about my grown children. I have very little regret about the kind of mother I was. Oh sure I wish I had said yes more and no less. I wish I had been kinder and laughed at the childish things that made me angry. I wish I had stayed less busy and been more connected in the now of the day. One thing I know for sure though, wishing changes nothing. What is behind me is behind me and I can never go back. I also have no promise of a tomorrow. What I do have is this moment right now. That’s all I get. That’s all you get too by the way.

So, this week has not gone my way. I did not get to go back downtown due to work issues. I did not get to go today either due to the weather. I cannot get any work done because of having no internet. What I am getting to do, being forced to do really, is live in this moment. I think I could learn to like this.

C ~ You’re my mom’s mom

N ~ That’s right

C ~ Mimi is my dad’s mom

N ~ That’s right, Rini Beanie

C ~ When I get home I turn into a monster

C ~ It’s chocolate lemonade cake, Nona. Eat it all up. I’m a pretty good cook.

A ~ I don’t get why people don’t go to school when they say don’t go to school because it’s dangerous to drive in the snow then grown-ups drive to work in the snow. I don’t get that.

A ~ Nona, you have ice cubes on your house. It’s so pretty outside I can’t stop looking at it.

C ~ Yes, I do

A ~ No, you don’t

C ~ Yes, I do

A ~ No, you don’t

C ~ Yes, I do, Lisa

A ~ I’m not Lisa. I’m Nancy

N ~ Hey girls, take it easy on my window.

C ~ But this is our hospital.

N ~ It’s gonna be a hospital if you break my window.

C ~ But this is my monster house.

A ~Whoa, look outside Corina!

C~ It’s blowing snowing!

Unknown Mami


Rae said...

Sweet. Beautiful girls and wonderful photos. Slow down and enjoy those little ones while you can. They grow in the blink of an eye. Mine sure have and now I wish I could turn back that clock and enjoy more of my days with them.

Sonya said...

I love listening to to children's conversations..they tell you the most amazing things sometimes.

I've never been a busy person. I mentally shut down when things get hectic. Since moving to the netherlands I have slipped into some weird time warp..hours can go by and I've done nothing. I hope to get out of it this year. Alot of things are passing me by.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. said...

Hey Marla, I heard about the awful weather in OKlahoma and was wondering how you're doing. Ice storms can be horrific. Glad to see you're OK and back online. But after writing such a lovely post about hangin' with your grandkids, maybe you should go offline more often! Stay warm.

Blasé said...

Very Cute!

btw, in your previous post, you should use the pic of you and your husband as your 'profile pic'. Mainly because that pic of you is very good.

Kate said...

Kids conversations always make me laugh although I have to admit I really laughed during the It’s gonna be a hospital if you break my window. Glad your internet is back now

Kate xx
It’s gonna be a hospital if you

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Love the conversations there! When I get home I become a monster? My kids have that same problem!

Stopping my from Sunday in my City!

Marla said...

Rae ~ I completely understand ... and agree.

Sonya ~ I think I envy you. Yep, I do.

Boomer ~ We are doing fine with power even! Thanks for checking!!

Blasé ~ Ya think?

Kate ~ Yeah, I'm a real riot. :-)

Flour Girl ~ Thanks for stopping by!!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

That is a challenging question. You have me thinking about my own busy-ness. Hmm...

honeypiehorse said...

They're beautiful. And they could not look happier. How nice you have to slow down.

Alma said...

Found you through Bridge and Beyond Blog. Here I am, 1:00 in the afternoon, not dressed yet, having coffee and a cup cake for lunch. Busy,Busy,through the week, two jobs myself. Wasting away this Sunday.Glad I bumped into you here. I must think about the question the therapist asked you. Beautiful pictures and conversations of the children. So, why do I have to go to work, when the kids don't have school?I don't get it either. Must get busy now!

Brian Miller said...

how sweet. enjoy it!

feeling your pain as well. 14 inches of snow and i hav no net at the house. escaped to check in but about to head back...

Frau said...

I miss being busy! I love when children ask a million questions and leads to more questions and it's never ending. Have a wonderful Sunday I hope it warms up.

Lorenza said...

I have smiled reading this post because everything is so familiar to me... I also share (often) the feeling that I miss out time for myself (my four kids are aged 17, 12, 10, 7) but I try not to miss time with them. /And these funny conversation are just a gift!

Nancy C said...

Hilarious conversations. You can turn your granddaughter that I turn into a monster until I have my coffee.

Just Be Real said...

Oh man, I would have gone crazy as well without internet or electric! Glad things are back for you. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

ModernMom said...

Oh they are adorable. And what a gift that you can look back with no regrets. That is a gift.

justsomethoughts... said...

"It’s gonna be a hospital if you break my window"

oh, how i love that

Joanna Jenkins said...

It looks like a perfect Sunday with those gorgeous kids.

Hope the snow lets up though.

Thanks for sharing your Sunday!


Erin said...

What great pics!! It's a lot of fun to hear the chatter of little ones! I hope your week gets better!

Andrea said...

Love your blog Marla - I always look forward to the next entry. Now I must run off to my oh so busy life...Love, Cousin Andrea

UberGrumpy said...


Well that cheered me right up. 'Blowing snowing' has now entered the family vocab

Unknown Mami said...

I wish all monsters looked as cute as that one.

Okie Book Woman said...

Love your grandkids' conversations. You are blessed!

MindyBB said...

I cannot believe how big those sweet girls are! Wish I was snowed in there with you! Stay warm Thelma! Love you! Enjoy the moments :-)

Mama Zen said...

What adorable girls!

Marla said...

ALVN ~ Does make one think

honeypiehorse ~ It was nice

Alma ~ Thanks for stopping by. I love pajama day!

Brian & Frau ~ Thanks! I did

Lorenza ~ They really are

Nancy ~ Same here

JBR ~ Me too

ModernMom ~ It really is

justsomethoughts ~ Glad you liked it....and that my window didn't break

JJ & Erin ~ It was and it did

Andrea ~ We need to make some time in our busy schedules to get together one of these days. Thanks for reading along, cousin!

UG ~ That makes you almost American

Mami ~ Me too

Okie Book Woman ~ Yes, I am

Mindy ~ They are ginormous

Mama Zen ~ They kinda are