Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No, I am NOT Pregnant, But Thanks For Asking

We made it to The Inn yesterday. This place is completely amazing. I am not sure what I was expecting but I definitely was not expecting what I saw. I have been to crisis pregnancy centers before and have found most to be a bit disorganized, cramped and sometimes even a bit on the not so clean side. This is one of the things that has turned me off in the past; the fact that they had the same feel as many of the health clinics on the poorer sides of town. I guess, I have always felt if you are going to do something to benefit someone else, then do it the way you would want it done for you. Sorry, I think I am slipping closer to one of my tirades.

Anyway, The Inn is like a wonderful vintage bed and breakfast from the moment you pull into their driveway. In existence for the last twenty-one years, the directors, volunteers and community have really poured themselves into this place and it shows. The gardens are lovely with flowers, trees and welcoming benches. There is a screened wrap-around porch that is absolutely inviting. The house itself is more than likely an old farmhouse that now finds itself surrounded by the city and city life. The Inn is truly an oasis in the midst of the storm of life.

Once inside, what a young, pregnant woman will find are rooms tastefully decorated like a real home. There is a fireplace in the parlor and comfortable furniture. Comfortable meaning clean, newer and pleasing to the eye. I found no mismatched discards anywhere in the house. The wood floors shine as does the entire house and what greets your olfactory senses as you enter this home is just that … the smell of home. There are three bedrooms upstairs and a very large bathroom plus a sitting room. Each bedroom is set up for two women plus their babies. The cribs and bedding are beautiful and new.

The employee that took us on our tour of The Inn answered all our questions and was very eager to have Amy on board as a volunteer. She told us that they are usually full with their capacity for only six and are thrilled to have volunteers who are willing to house a girl. She also handed Amy paperwork detailing the expectations of the home. Having done this for so many years, they have seen it all and understand what works but just as importantly, what doesn’t work. Amy is ready and I can’t wait to see what God does because of her faithfulness to these young women.

Visiting The Inn got me to thinking, which usually means trouble for poor Bob. We have a big, old farmhouse. It has been rented out for the last five years however it sits empty at the moment. We are getting ready to list it for sale. Maybe. When I told Bob about The Inn and how incredible it would be to do something similar out at the farm, I am pretty sure I heard him whimper just a bit. I promised I would not do anything crazy and would let the whole idea go … and yet, here I am blogging about it. Hopefully, Bobbity is in meetings all day and won’t have time to read my silly drivel.

Just for fun … what IF we could keep the farm and use it for pregnant, homeless girls? Where would we get the money? Are there grants available and how do you write a grant, anyway? What kind of licensing would be needed? Would the community see the benefit to society from this kind of project? I have always wanted to turn the farm into a bed and breakfast someday. I love people and cooking and nurturing … all that mommy/grandma kind of stuff. I am also no fool and understand people are complex and life is not easy. Just some of my wonderings.

A final thought. If you are a man standing in line with me at Wal Mart and you feel the need to comment on pregnant women while looking at my tummy … DON’T! Yes, yesterday, was quite the eventful day.


Sarah said...

take it as a compliment when people ask if you were pregnant...you're still young enough to get pregnant! lol

i think you should start a non profit. there are software out there to help you write your grant, i'd think. that's a great idea!

honeypiehorse said...

When I was 12 someone asked me if I was pregnant at Safeway! I was mortified.

Parsley said...

There was a round woman at church wearing one of those dresses that tie in the back. I had heard of several ladies in church that were PG and asked her. "No, I'm just fat.", she said. I felt terrible and so STUPID. I've learned my lesson!

Now that I'm 'smarter' I get STUPID again when an good acquaintance/friend of mine began wearing loose clothes. By the time I figured out she was PG she was 7 months+ PG and I felt stupid I never acknowledged her exciting news.

I'm darned if I do...darned if I don't. Go figure.

UberGrumpy said...

Do it! Open up the barn! Awesome.

My wife asks me if I'm pregnant all the time, but I think she's being ironic.

Amy said...

If any of you faithful followers of Marla's blog (and our outrageous escapades ;p) would like to donate to the Inn Ministry home for homeless pregnant women, please feel free to contact me by email at brady18@gmail.com. I have a list of supplies that they regularly need. Thank you!

Nicole said...

I have no doubt that you would be able to write a grant and succeed in receiving one. As our PTA President, I worked with our grant writer for the school district - she's got nothing on you my friend.

I find myself fascinated with your escapades and your way of thought and life. I couldn't be more unlike you in so many ways, most every way actually (not talking about the plastic surgery - hee hee!) yet I'm drawn to wanting to understand you and how someone can be so unlike me, yet I relate to them so well.

Cheers for giving me pause for deep thought in this chaotic world we live in, especially during this chaotic time of year. And I won't offer you my tirade on the materialism that has become Christmas.

Kate said...

Wow sounds like an amazing idea. As for being asked if I was pregnant not often although once when I was trying to put on some weight by my boss!

Kate xx

Lorenza said...

Hi Marla I think it a wonderful idea! You can turn your passion for people into something useful for society too. It is just fantastic and if it is you real wish it will come true! I have got 4 kids and a nice "safety tube" around my waist...still acceptable for me...

Mama Zen said...

"If you're going to do something for someone, do it the way you would want it done for you."

I really, really like that.

dianna said...

Wowser, that would be a big adventure! Bob, sure gets to hit his knees a lot. He can thank you later. If not your place, maybe it's already happening, now I'm curious. I'm sure you will find out.

Last week one of my sister's was at a game, she has diabetic tendency, she felt like her blood sugar was up, so she decided to walk the bleachers. A woman kept eyeballing her like what are you doing? B politely said this gets my blood sugar down, and the woman says oh, do you have gestational diabetes? B was taken back, her late in life baby was born 7 years ago! She smiled at herself thinking she still looked young enough for someone to ask.

Unknown Mami said...

Well, you are pregnant with ideas.

plainolebob said...

Marla, they better never ask me that question, hell, i ain't even got a belly, some them guys look like they could be in my book though.
Go to gov.com, you can find lots there on their searchs.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I am fat always have been and the only time no one ever asked me if I was pregnant was when I actually was, lol

Marla said...

Sarah ~ Good point! lol I am definately going to look into grant writing. What can it hurt to look, right? :-)

Honeypiehorse ~ That's awful! Maybe I won't complain at 51 then.

Parsley ~ Ok, you made me laugh!

UG ~ I just might if you egg me on. Then I can blame it on you.

Amy ~ Well said. Go get em, cowgirl!

Marla said...

Nicole ~ Thanks for the encouragement. I am definately looking into the grant writing thing.

If you are able to figure me out, would you mind explaining me to me, please?

As for you and I being so very different ... I would venture to say we are more alike than you think ... other than the boobs ... and the beauty ... and the Real Housewives thing ... and ... :-)

I am sincerely touched that you are following along on this adventure. Wouldn't it be fun if you just happen to see something on the list that caught your eye and we did it together? I'm just saying ...

Marla said...

Kate ~ That is because you are perfectly beautiful ... darn you! :-)

Lorenza ~ So glad to have you following along and I appreciate your thoughts!

Mama Zen ~ Thanks!

Dianna ~ Go Belinda! I am definately going to look into the whole thing when I get home.

Mami ~ Good point!

Bob ~ Good idea ... I will.

Queen-Size ~ Sometimes ya just can't win, sister.

MindyBB said...

Okay, I'm calling you when you get back...Anna's House is your place. I am not sure if they have started building their home yet or nor but they have the land it may be right next to the farm? Wow, it's amazing when we go with the tugs we have in our hearts! Love you girls!

Marla said...

Mindy ~ I will be contacting Anna's House next week. This just might be my new direction. Love you, girlfriend!