Monday, September 6, 2010

A Labor Of Love

We have seven children. That’s right, seven. If that fact alone isn’t enough to explain the true meaning of Labor Day, well I just don’t know what is. I am not even talking about the moaning and groaning part of delivery although that was involved with all seven. Even our four adopted ones involved plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth before they were delivered into our arms permanently. No, I am referring to the day in and day out labor of loving our children. Believe me, it’s a labor of love daily. One I wouldn’t change for anything.

This is the norm in our house. Constant people. Good times!

I know I have mentioned our children throughout this blog, showing embarrassing photos and revealing intimate details of their foolishness. You’re welcome kids! But today, I thought I would focus on one kid in particular and the recent labor of love we were involved in on his behalf. Yes, I believe that is what I shall do.

This is our youngest son, Andrew. Isn’t he pretty?

Well, a few months ago, Andrew married his long-time sweetheart, Tori.

Aren’t they pretty?

We live in Oklahoma. The wedding was in California. So we got to travel in a ridiculously large group, mostly because we are a ridiculously large group. Sorry Southwest Airlines and of course, we will be happy to find another means of transportation in the future.


Anyway, once we hit the streets of Cali, it was off to my sister Debi’s house. She spoiled us rotten. It was like being back at my parents home. Seriously. Deb got mom’s gift for hospitality and that is the truth. It was wonderful.

This is my sister Debi holding our youngest grandson, Cavan.

For the next few days, we were included in some of the preparations. We didn’t have much to do because Tori’s family had organized just about everything before we arrived. They did an absolutely amazing job putting it all together. It was really beautiful.

Friday night we had the best time at the rehearsal dinner. Anyway, I think we had the best time. I remember margaritas and karaoke and someone singing Stand By Your Man…really loud and a bit off key. Ok, a lot off key. They say it was me but I don’t drink and I don’t sing so I am not sure I believe any of it.

Then Saturday morning, it was a flurry of activity getting ready for the main event.


We were told repeatedly, for months beforehand right up to the very moment of walking down the grassy aisle, that all we needed to do was relax and enjoy ourselves. That was it. No special instructions. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. This should have been our first warning. Anyway, we did as we were told, relaxed and enjoyed and went with the flow of things.


As Andrew walked me down to be seated, he forgot it was a fairly steep incline. He also forgot he is tall and I am not. The crucial thing he forgot is that I never wear hose and I have tree stumps for legs. I finally had to tell him to slow down.


Then he said, “Mom, not now. Just keep smiling and walking.”

Then I said, “Andrew Luis, if you don’t slow down right now, my inner thighs are going to spontaneously combust and people will talk about your wedding for years to come… and not in a good way.”

Then he said, “Mom, I will get you for this!“ Then he slowed down.

Then I thought, “I aint skeered! What can he do to me besides kill me and there are too many witnesses."


So, finally everyone was seated and the bride showed up and things moved along beautifully.


The ceremony was sweet and touching and there may have been a tear or two. Bob is such a crybaby. Then it was over and the music started playing and the new and improved Mr. and Mrs. Hansen danced up the aisle. I thought, “How sweet is that! They didn’t tell us they were doing that. Very cute!”

 Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced up the aisle and I thought, “How sweet is that! They didn’t tell us they were doing that. Very cute!”


Then Tori’s parents danced up the aisle and I thought, “ What the hell!!! They didn’t tell us they were doing that! Are we suppose to dance up the aisle? We can’t dance! Somebody kill me now!!”


The I leaned over to Bob and said in my most wife of thirty-four years voice, “Listen up, cowboy! You better dance!! Do you hear me? Dance!!”

To which Bob replied, “Wha….dance??? Marla!!!” To which I replied with The Look!!

And so…..

We danced….Well, one of us danced while the other one shuffled behind trying to hide his two-step behind the crazed moves of his spouse.

He made up for it later.


And so did his son.

It was a great wedding. Everyone got in the act.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hansen.

We hope you like labor!


Coby said...

Looks like such a beautiful wedding! I love the part about your thighs combusting!!! (I've so been there. I don't want to talk about it). I'm thrilled that after all those margaritas that you didn't drink that you remembered enough details to share with us. ;-)

Two Shades of Pink said...

This was so funny and light hearted and all I did was tear up. What is up with that? Your family is so beautiful and so are you. And I don't even want somethin' from ya. I mean it for reals!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

awww..... how sweet! (we finally got to see your dress!!!) you looked lovely. i love the thigh comment! i think i can hear you saying that (even though i've never heard your voice - must be the "mom" sound!).

Glen said...

That is some family you have there - bunch of nut cases - don't know where they get it?

You looked great by the way - the effort put into getting the dress paid off :-)

Parsley said...

I love love love this post. Your dress...beautiful. You....beautiful. Your dancing....BEA...hahahahahah.

Cheeseboy said...

Dancing up the eisel is all the rage nowadays.

Oh man, I love his suit! I should have gotten one of those for my wedding. Seriously, stylish!

Blasé said...

I love the way y'all "danced" down the aisle. Well, that is if you call Bob snickering and you biting your bottom lip and posing as if you are ready to box somebody,-Dancing!

Shake it, don't break it, baby!

~Onreeone~ said...

What a sweet post of your sons wedding. I'm an old softy when it comes to such things and cry at every wedding I've been too.

You dance moves rock too by the way. I guess he kindof did get you back for making him walk slower, but it was a good getting back. Congratulations on your beautiful family that keeps growing. I so look forward to the day (a few years down the road) when my oldest gets married and starts having me some grandbabies. New follower here-Angie

Brian Miller said...

some beautiful pictures...what a great time..and the dancing down the aisle makes it even more is a it should be.....good job dancing! smiles.

TechnoBabe said...

Your whole family went out there for the wedding. That is awesome. And Marla, you looked beautiful at the wedding. My younger daughter and her family live in Murrieta so you were near where they live.

J.J. in L.A. said...

That 1st pic could be us at Christmas. I have 19 people in my immediate family. Yikes!

Does Andrew know that you think he's pretty???

Debi is gorgeous! And so is your entire family! And so is Temecula! Which is within driving distance. Just sayin'. ; )

And your dance moves are awesome!

Looks like a FUN wedding!

Anna said...

Awww Marla, I did not know Andrew was a married man. What a sweet wedding!

Marla said...

Thanks, Techno!

Welcome aboard, Angie and thank you for the sweet comments!

Blase ~ It aint easy being foolish!

Glen ~ Are you calling me a crazy, good-looking nutcase!?! :-)

Teresa ~ Oh, I definately said it. Thanks for the sweet comment. Hope you are doing well.

Thanks, Coby! I am not sure how much I actually remember as I have tried to block out the parts where I made a fool of myself. This leaves little else to remember.

Blasé said...


I love the new profile pic!!!

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Oh Yeah, Baby!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I so enjoyed reading about the wedding. You have a beautiful, fun family. What a blessing! Congratulations to the newlyweds.

Sarah said...

Andrew is beautiful. I can tell he got it from you. Your dress is pretty. In fact, it was a beautiful wedding. Congrats to all!

Linda White said...

What a wonderful writer you are, my dear cousin! Loved the blog post, loved being a part of such a beautiful wedding and I love you! Hugs!

Prudence said...

marla your son is not pretty for petes sakes, he's GORGEIOUS! I will be a blubbering mess at my childrens weddings out of happiness and financial ruin.
Labor indeed. Sacrifice too. And when their own children hit the teens....BAM!... they will finally get it.
I do not remember my password for linked in otherwise I'd be linked up with ya!

Prudence said...

honestly spelling was my best subject in skool.

Coby said...

I just had to read this again, because it makes me laugh! Especially Bob doing what I call "The White Man Shuffle." Oh you KNOW it's true! My HCH (Handy Caucasian Hubby) does it too!

Thanks for the laugh...again.

Andrea said...

OMG! Laughing so hard, I had no idea you didn't know about the dancing. Probably one of those things it was best you didn't know ahead of time - no time to stress over it, you just did it! The wedding was so beautiful, and it was great to see you Marla, and all of the family. See you in San Fran cousin! xoxo - Andrea

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Wow, Labor Day should just be Marla Day! I had no idea you had such a large family, and it looks like a beautiful, loving family too. Enjoy all of your blessings.
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too.

Mama Zen said...

What a beautiful couple!

Congratulations, Marla!

Coby said...

Oh Marla, I just got done reading all of your comments, and I just love you to pieces! Of course you may adopt me! As long as I don't have to muck out any stalls or anything. I deal with enough poop during my day.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Marla, This is so sweet I'm in tears! It looks like one of the all time great weddings willed with love and joy and a beautiful bride and gorgeous groom. You looks pretty fabulous too! Thanks for sharing all the pics. It made my day.
xo jj

Libbie said...

Marla what a beautiful family you have...not to metion what a glamourous mother of the groom you were! SO fun to see the pictures since it feels like you were just picking out your dress yesterday :) & i do LOVE lOVE LOVE your dance down the isle! So funny! You are such an amazing mom! Your family is so full of love!!!! :) Oh...but I have no idea how you survived 7 :)

Matty said...

They are a great looking couple, and you have a wonderful looking family. And look at you getting jiggy with it. LOL