Thursday, August 19, 2010

I’m a Weiner!!!

It’s been over a week since I posted. I hate that. I really do. There has just been way too much going on. For one thing, I have been trying to formulate a plan for keeping up with all the blogs I read while keeping up with all the books I read while keeping up with all the bills I read. It’s just too much reading for one little pea sized brain such as mine. Therefore, I have decided to no longer read bills. Of any kind. Problem solved.

Along with all that reading, I have been job hunting. We still have no AC, plus now, a broken freezer and a little black cloud apparently following us, so getting a job will get me out of this hell hole of an overheated house and bring in some much needed moolah for the new unit. My eBay business usually brings in pretty good money but sadly the economy has dried that milk cow up. It was either the economy or people wised up to the fact that I sell old crap marketed as vintage treasures. Whatever the reason, thanks for the last three years eBay. It was nice while it lasted.

So, now that all my griping is out of the way, let me tell you about some of the great things that have happened to me recently.

First, I got a job taking care of old people…no naked men involved...that I know of anyway. Life is good. Thank you God for answered prayers. I'm thinking this should be fun. I mean, seriously, how hard can taking care of sweet old people be?

Next, I received the most amazing thing in the mail from my bloggy friend, Sonya over at Home Cooking With Sonya. She had a giveaway a bit ago and I won. That’s right, I am a weiner! Now, here is the thing about Sonya. She is from Oregon but now resides in The Netherlands. That means I got the most incredible Dutch goodies in the universe from her. Just see for yourselves!

When we opened the box, it was like Christmas … in The Netherlands! It made us all start singing,

“Sinterklaas kapoentje, Gooi wat in mijn schoentje, Gooi wat mijn laarsje, Dank je Sinterklaasje.”

It was crazy! We don’t even speak Dutch. Ok, we do have Dutch friends but we have no idea what we are saying about Santa when we sing this song. So, just in case, apologies to the North Pole and all Dutch people.

Anyway, the box had the coolest things in it like the card made from one of Sonya’s photographs. Beautiful! She also included a handwritten letter describing each item inside the box. There were all kinds of neat treats like a sweet wooden bird to hang in my window, a Dutch Christmas ornament and lots of yummy things to eat like, honey, vanilla sugar, nuts, seasonings galore and addictive waffle cookies. But my favorite, my all time forever favorite was this.

Dutch cocoa! Not just any Dutch cocoa but Blooker cocoa. This is my favorite for two very important reasons. First, it is the BEST cocoa EVER! Second, it made us laugh hysterically when we saw it because it reminded us of one of our all time favorite movies, Young Frankenstein.

Do you remember Frau Blucher (horses neighing!!)

If you haven’t seen this classic Mel Brooks flick, do yourself a favor and netflix it. You’ll thank me later.... or possibly understand what's wrong with me. Anyway, we will be watching it again as soon as the fall hits and the temperatures drop. You can bet we will be sipping our Blooker (neigh!!!) through the entire movie.

Thanks again, Sonya! You are the best!!


aLmYbNeNr said...

LMFAO you are hilarious! I love this post!

And I am DROOLING over all the Dutch goodies! Jealous!

Thanks for the bombardment last week - I enjoyed it! ;)

I really hope those old people smile more than that picture of old people! I sort of took care of old people back in college for a volunteer part of an honors class. I went to the local nursing home and sat with different ladies and eventually the staff suggested I paint their nails, so I toted around polish and remover and prettied up these ladies nails (the staff had no idea I SUCK at painting nails...).

Monkey Man said...

Great post and terrific advice. I never thought about not reading my bills in order to get some extra time on the net and with my books. Think I'll give it a try.Dutch treats look awesome. Do you have to cook any of it in a Dutch oven? Regarless, looks like you'll be puttin' on the Ritz. *smiles*

Sonya said...

You are so funny!! I am SO HAPPY that you loved everything : ) That dutch song above by the way is asking Sinterklaas to put something in your's the dutch version of a stocking :) Instead of leaving out cookies and milk you need to leave something for the horse a carrot.

Enjoy everything and if you ever want extras of something I sent just let me know!!

Marla said...

Sonya ~ That explains it! When our Dutch daughter, Amarja, was here one Christmas, we got up in the morning to find our shoes filled with Dutch treats. We thought she just didn't see the stockings. :-)

Sonya said...

Aww that was sweet of her! They actually open up their gifts on Dec 5..Sinterklaas and Christmas are two seperate things here. We still open up on the 25th but give the boys something on the 5th..they are in total They sell giant solid milk chocolate letters aswell. You buy each member of the family the begining letter of their first name. It's the best chocolate in the whole world.

I think I will have a Sinterklaas giveaway in december..I'll let u know when : )

Glen said...

well done on getting the job & the goodies.

There will be some terribly disappointed naked men walking around your neighborhood though :-)

Brian Miller said...

haha. you got some amazing stuff...congrats on the giveaway! and the job! bills are boring reading anyway, never a plot and the same person always loses in the end...smiles. hope you hav a wonderful weekend...and dinner, yeah we need to make that happen. smiles.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the new job and the treats. They look yummy. I'm not sure about treats in the shoes though...

I imagine you will be yelling for the next few months. Take care of that throat.

Nancy C said...

Awesome haul! I just love Sonya. Mel Brooks? He's okay. But I'm also weird, and possibly wouldn't know funny if it bit me on the bum.

Mommy Lisa said...

SEE that is how I hope my giveaway goes. That it makes the person HAPPY.

I am buying all my favorite things and giving them company is giving me anything...I just want to share my favorite things with my readers.


TechnoBabe said...

Hope you get a job so you can work in an air conditioned building soon. Your giveaway package is awesome.

Dawn said...

LOL! I just love your humor. Seriously.

I do hope you are able to bring in some bucks to get some much needed A/C in your house again.

Oklahoma Granny said...

What wonderful Dutch treats! I'm so happy for you. The Blooker cocoa story made me laugh.

Silver Strands said...

Congratulations, and once again, THANKS FOR THE HEARTY LAUGH. Holy Schmoly! Dutch Cocoa ... YOU LUCKY!

And I"m with you on the bills ... there's way too much other stuff to read.

Enjoy your day, Marla, and here's hoping all the men in your life stay clothed.


Ooops ... apologize to your husband for me.

J.J. said...

I'm 1/2 Dutch (mom's side) but, unfortunately, I've never been to Holland/The Netherlands. But, fortunately, we still have relatives there so I have a pretty necklace that I can say came from The Netherlands, even though I've never been there.

Ok, I'll shut up now.

Wait! I love Young Frankenstein and have it on DVD.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Sonya is he greatest-- What a great package of culinary loot! Yeah you.

Hope the new job with the elderly works out and the men keep their pants on ;-)

Happy weekend, jj

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

awesome post! congrats on the job! i bet you'll rock.

i'm also drooling over the dutch goodies. part of it could be that i'm on a diet and even turned down cake today. {what was i thinking!}

SquirrelQueen said...

Your first paragraph sounds a lot like me lately, I have given up reading books but darn it I never thought about not reading bills. Thanks.

The Dutch goodies look great. But now every time I drink hot chocolate I will be thinking about Frau Blucher (horse neighs), I love that movie.

Kirby3131 said...

What a wonderful gift! When I see things like that I wonder what in the world I would send to someone overseas. Do we have cool stuff like that?

My mantra when I walk out to open my mailbox is "expect a check" and it's amazing how often it happens. Sounds silly, but it works for me.

Kristin - The Goat

Amarja said...

Marla I am very disapointed you did not remember me teaching you the Sinterklaas Kapoentje-song. I'll bet John still knows how to sing it!! He can sing it to you!

Wanderlust said...

Wow, what a great gift to get in the mail! And I loved Young Frankenstein. Bring on the fall and the hot cacoa.

Marla said...

Amarja ~ What are you talking about, you goose? Of course, I remember you teaching us this song. We laughed til we cried trying to sing it. I also remember the shoes filled with treats, the chocolate letters, the Delft animals (that still sit on my shelf).....

I could never forget you or the memories we share. Ever!!

Amarja said...

Awwhhh.. that is good to hear, I am glad. We need to meet on Skype, I will sing the Sinterklaas-kapoentje-song to you LOL

Enchanted Oak said...

I hope the job is great for you. I looked around my mom's Alzheimer care home during those last few days and thought, these people are cool. I could work here. So I went and got a job in a nursery (for plants) instead. Don't know why. The plants haven't said one interesting thing to me in the two days I've worked there.
With your sense of humor, I think you'll be a blessing to those old folks.

Unknown Mami said...

Sonya is the best and so are you! Nice to get an update.

Mrs4444 said...

Congrats on your big win! Now my mouth is watering. Thanks a LOT!