Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turning The Page

My father died this morning. As I type these words, I choose to not believe them and yet they remain the truth. This has been a surreal day. One minute I am crying hysterically as I stand in my dad’s closet trying to hide my pain among his things. An hour later I am laughing like a fool as I tell my sisters we are going to have a difficult time finding someone to adopt three middle aged orphans. I am pretty sure my condition is close to what a normal person would call psychotic today. The truth is, I am broken.

Love is patient ~

Thank you, Dad, for loving me when I was unlovable, which was more often than I wish were true. Even when I rejected you, you never turned your back on me. You waited patiently for God to change my icy heart and He did.

Love is kind ~

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me what it means to be kind. Not the fake kind but the real deal kind. The kind that loves other people even when they don’t look like you, think like you or smell like you. The kind that remembers to treat others better than they might think they deserve and really mean it.

Love is not rude ~

Thank you, Dad, for showing me how to negotiate my way through this world without being a bully.

Love is not easily angered ~

Thank you, Dad, for being the cool head of reason more often than not throughout my life. You made the worst situations seem so much easier to walk through because you kept your cool, which always helped to calm the hot-head in me.

Love keeps no records of wrongs ~

Thank you, Dad, for forgiving me …. over and over and over again.

Love always protects ~

…. for saving me from myself so many times.

Love always trusts ~

…. for trusting me when I didn’t deserve it.

Love always hopes ~

…. For believing I would do great things someday.

Love never fails ~

…. For never failing to love me.

I'm not quite sure how I am going to face this life without you but I know God is not done with me yet. I love you ~  Marla


Anonymous said...

A new chapter indeed. To Uncle Charlie the man who hosted three energetic girls and their parents every summer.

The man who enthusiastically gave me a tour of the box plant in my 20's when the plant was switching to automation.

The man who taught me boxing could be fun especially after attending a boxing hall of fame dinner and being able to recognize a trainer's voice and put a face to it.

The man who opened his house to us and reassured me that he would rescue me if I had trouble in Mexico while buying the tile for my new house (1984).

The man who always had a story and knew that a little exaggeration never hurt anyone in fact it usually made the story more interesting and fun.

The handsome charmer who will always be remembered as a man who opened his heart and his home to many wayward family members and friends. More than most men would do.

We were all blessed to have know him and been loved by him.
Love you, Cher

Anonymous said...

As tears roll down my cheeks and a smile on my face I remember a man who treated me like his own. There wasn't anyhing you wouldn't do for him because his generosity in return when you weren't expecting it was overwhelming! The door was always open hence my nickname was born. I will miss you alot Mr. C. Heaven is in for a treat!
Love you lots,
The Shower

MindyBB said...

Marla, I didn't know! Darn it- well maybe your mom smacked him when he got there and then said lets dance it's been too long?! So many good memories I will have and even my kids getting to meet him. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Marla, my heart aches for you...and for me as I feel the pain of being an "orphan", too. We were blessed to have Daddy's that LOVED their little girls like our dad's did- not many people can say that. Cherish the sweet memories and let them live loud in your heart. I love you.


Marla said...

Cher ~ It was amazing, wasn't it! Thanks for reminding me.

Gina ~ My dad loved you just like I do.

Mindy ~ I bet they did just that!

Janice ~ Nobody knows me like you. I love you!

Amarja said...

Dear Marla, I cry with you. How beautiful how you realize all these things. What a great lessons you have learned! God blesses you over and over again. He sees you the whole time, lots of prayers for you from The Netherlands.

Marla said...

Amarja ~ God is good, ALL THE TIME!

Anonymous said...

marla - thanks for continuing to share your heart and for "keeping it real". you are a blessing to me, girl. love you and am sorry for your loss. xxooo lisa

Marla said...

Thank you, Lisa. I love you!