Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's All About ME

I just got off the phone with a family member that is quite disturbed by my postings. It seems they feel I have betrayed family confidences and disrespected my father by “alluding” to “possible” things he may have done that caused me to not like him when I was younger. I was also told that “other family members and friends” were calling saying the same things. Please allow me to set the record straight.

No, my father was not and is not a child molester, pervert, murderer, thief, degenerate or anything else you think I may have unintentionally “alluded” to. What my dad was then and is now, is human. He was and is a father that loved his children and did the best he knew how to do at the time. He was and is a man that made mistakes and bad choices once in awhile. He was and is a person needing love, respect and forgiveness. He is no different from me, or any of you for that matter.

I thought I made it clear,….but obviously not clear enough …. this was and is about my need for a changed heart, not my dad’s need for anything, well other than clean clothes and food. This blog is about caring for my dad and the changes it has made in me. This is about ME! Caregiver = ME

The conversation also included my need to seek therapy instead of writing about things for all the world to see. Since I am writing about ME and I am ok with the world knowing the ugly truths about ME, I think I will continue to write about ME. If that’s ok with you.

As for the “alluding” part; I have never and will never allude to anything. I will just say it so you won’t have to guess and I won’t have to wonder what you might be guessing.

Finally, for those “other family members and friends” who were calling, so concerned about this, please take this with all the love it is written with. If you have a concern about me or something I have written, said or done, please call and talk to ME about it. Calling others to talk ABOUT ME is called gossip and that is not kind, Christian or Buddhist for that matter. It’s just plain ugly.

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