Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anyone Hiring?

Hey Kel,

Well if things weren't bad enough with me having a dead sister and all, now it's affecting me at work. I hope you're happy.

In the last two days alone, I have come completely unglued at work. Did you see me? Were you watching, because I had this eery feeling you were standing there laughing like a hyena the whole time. Which, by the way, only made me madder at you. You are such a jerk sometimes, even when you're dead.

The first time it happened was when that one customer I always told you about called on Thursday. I mean, seriously, happy freakin Valentine's to me having to listen to hear screech about nothing. I am so sick of her calling just to complain and cuss. Normally, I can handle it with my usual amazing personality. Ok, so my sarcasm goes over her pea-brained head. Still, she never gets the best of me and you know that's the truth. Until Thursday. When she started in from the minute I answered the phone, well, I just couldn't take it. I started crying and yelling in the phone at her.

"Oh! My! Heavens! Poor you having to pay a debt that you owe and late no less and then having the nerve to scream at me the minute I pick up the phone. Well guess what? There are worse things in life than paying your bills on time. Things like your sister dying so I suggest you pay your bill and be done with this conversation before it goes any further south. Got it!!"

"Are you crying? Why are you crying"


The good thing is, she paid her bill. The bad thing is......oh hell, the only bad thing I can think of is I have a dead sister. But I just want you to know that I am almost sure I heard you laughing over in the corner as I sat there at my desk sobbing once I hung up the phone. Idiot.

Then tonight, when Ryan came in to pay his bill, I was trying so hard to help him. He is such a nice kid and we get along so well. Why did Alison Krauss have to start singing right at that moment? There was something in her voice that reminded me of you. Not that you could sing like Alison Krauss but still, there you were again. I heard it, looked up from the computer at Ryan and said, "My sister died last week." Then I fell completely apart. The harder I tried to stop crying the harder I cried. Then Ryan started crying and came behind the counter to hug me.

It may be time to find another job.

                                                             I miss you, stupid,



Brian Miller said...

hugs. it takes time. and i would hope they will give you grace for the next little bit. its not an easy journey

Bruce Coltin said...

On the poetry of these last three posts: so much love, pain, passion, and beauty. You were fortunate to have had each other. I will come back and read them again and again. Thank you for sharing.

Glen said...

what you need is trifle. Only Trifle can help - get some fast

Deborah said...

She needed a smacking!

Erin said...

Every single time I read one of your posts, I am reminded that the relationship between two sisters is an amazingly indescribable thing of beauty. Each relationship looks and feels different but they are solid to the very core.

Thank you for that reminder.

Praying for your heart.