Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sound Bites

I love conversation. For instance, one evening when my oldest daughter and her family were over for dinner she had this to say:

"Mom, this is one of the best dinners yet. How do you make it look so easy all the time?"

"It’s not hard. Cooking is fun."

"I think I would love cooking if I didn’t have to go into the kitchen."

My daughter Rachel is the one at the head of the table. She looks scared and confused because she just realized she is in a kitchen.

Then there is my youngest daughter Miranda. She is incredibly funny only she doesn't know it which makes it even funnier. Just listen to this recent conversation between Miranda, Rachel and myself:

"Hey mom, my teacher sent this paper home for you to sign. It says I can take some cultural classes because I’m part Cherokee."

"Miranda is part Cherokee?"

"Yeah, she is on the Cherokee Nation rolls. She’s even got a card."

"Hey mom, I’m also part Mexican. Do I have a Mexican card, too?"

Yes, she is part Mexican however, to my knowledge, she does not have a Mexican card to prove it. Not yet anyway.

Hannah is my youngest granddaughter at three years old. She is here visiting and I couldn't be happier. One of my favorite parts of the day is having Hannah conversations like this one:

"Hannah, look at all those birds on the telephone line. How many do you think there are?"

"One…two… a lot!"

The kid is a mathematical genius. She gets that from our side.

Of course my conversations with my sisters are always memorable. They usually involve one of them trying to tell me what to do and me not doing it, mostly to annoy them. Such was the case last night when Kelly called.

"Hey, you need to call Char and thank her for sending you a photo of dad’s headstone. It hurt her feelings that you never acknowledged receiving it."

"Yeah, well it hurt my teeth having to receive it. You guys know I am still upset about him leaving me. How selfish is he anyway? I bet he didn’t even think about what this whole dying thing was gonna do to me."

"Are you crazy? What about Char and me? You think we don’t miss him too?"

"Whatever. This dead daddy thing is not working for me."

"Seriously, seek therapy. And medication. You may be certifiable."

Hey Char! Hey Kel! Did I ever mention that Dad liked me best?

Finally, there's that guy I am married to. Oh he is a real laugh riot. I especially like his jokes after the bazillionth time. They never lose their hilarity. Like the way he introduces me to people I have never met before. Like, say...his boss. Yeah, this is how he introduced us the first time.

"Brenda, I'd like you to meet my first wife, Marla."

Yuck it up, funny boy. You'll get yours...or not.


MindyBB said...

Lain says don't let Miranda go to Arizona she might get that card. And we are both laughing that "he will get his or not" kids! Read what sweetie #2 said about the man purse we saw the other day... Love it, thanks for the midweek laugh!

Blasé said...

I want to have a conversation with you, just as soon as I get done with helping 'clean up' your kitchen table...

Enchanted Oak said...

Conversations are the pepper that livens up the macaroni and cheese.

Glen said...

you are surrounded by nut jobs - can't think where they get it! :-)

Brian Miller said...

smiles. yeah i love conversations as well...interacting with others...opens the door for so much to happen...

TechnoBabe said...

I always tell my hubby he is my last husband. Not latest, just the last one. Nice picture of you and your dad. My older daughter has little confidence in her cooking abilities too. She will email me a question about how to cook something. Or how do I fix something. Such a nice picture of your family around the table. Wonder what size table you would need to have them all at one table. Wow.

gayle said...

This sounds like some of the conversations we have at our house!! Love the family pictures!! Isn't it fun when everyone is together!!

Sandra said...

Love the part about your daughter being scared of the kitchen! Personally, I think it gets scarier with age. I miss those days when all I knew how to cook was an egg.

Matty said...

Laughter is the spice of life. It makes the world go 'round. My feeble attempt at humor in this house isn't always appreciated. Sometimes I'm the only one laughing at my jokes.

Deborah said...

Mmmm . . . numsies!

When can I come have dinner? I swear I saw tomatoes and avocados on a plate!

The Katzbox said...

Marla, this was tender and dear. It's apparent that your family is very near and dear to you. I adored the conversation about the birds...perfect.

Kristen said...

Now I want to know what YOUR conversations are with inanimate objects are - I bet just as funny!

Anonymous said...

Yeah,you have collected enough plates for the family...oooohhhh the 70's were fun.....and everytime I see those plates I smile at days gone by....thanks for the smile today. Cuz