Monday, January 2, 2017

And So It Begins.....Again

   I found my voice again! Last night, all of a sudden, there it was and I realized something really important, for me anyway. Butts and Ashes, the blog, is done. Butts and Ashes, the book, is ready to be finished. So, I'm finishing my book this year. Wish me luck. Or not. Either way, it's happening!

   Oh, and as far as my blogging voice? She's alive and well right here:

Stop by and have a listen. I'm pretty sure you'll hear her there as well. She's back!


Lily Robinson said...

This made me so happy my eyeballs started leaking!

Marla said...

Thank you Lily!

Anal Pornoanal said...
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Teresa - My New Normal said...

I love your blog.